This way you’ll have flowers earlier in the summer. I hope that you enjoyed this guide on Petunia hybrida plants. Hedgiflora, and surfinia are low growing spreading plants, making them ideal for use as ground-cover. Plant the petunia from March to June. Petunia hybrids are a wonderful addition to hanging baskets. As they are always in bloom they are always hungry and usually need to be fertilized every three to four weeks when grown in containers or baskets. Family Solanaceae . Hedgiflora Plants range in height from three to six inches (7.5 – 15 cm) with some varieties reaching above 20 inches (cv. Genus. Care & Maintenance: Petunia Petunia ( Petunia Hybrida Mix ) - What a dazzling arrangement of colorful blooms with colors of white, pink, salmon-scarlet, dark blue, and rose (colors may vary). Petunia Hybrida plants are the most popular and widely used summer flowering annuals, and they are easily started with Petunia … Maintain a temperature of 70°-75° within the the growing medium. A full list with tips & tricks for all seasons, Miracle-Gro® Peat Free Premium Fibre Smart™ Mulch, Miracle-Gro® Peat Free Premium All Purpose Compost, Caring for cacti, succulents & bonsai with David Domoney, Enriching your garden soil with David Domoney, Bulbs and demystifying bulb fibre with David Domoney. Soil should be moist with good drainage. Petunia- a truly beautiful and plentiful flower. Petunia hybrid - the most common 'Quick colour' border plant to be found in nurseries. Pinch young tips to encourage bushy growth. Note that Petunia surfinia should only be grown from cuttings. My ideas. Petunia × hybrida. Don't water it until the potting soil feels dry to the touch. Common name(s): Garden Petunia; Family: Solanaceae; Stem cuttings: yes; Leaf cuttings: no; Root cuttings/runners: no; Time: the year round Petunias are easily grown from seed which can be sown indoors 10-12 weeks before the last killing frost. A high potash liquid plant food will encourage more, better blooms over a long flowering period until the first autumn frosts. Although Petunia make fantastic container plants, beware that spreading varieties are very thirsty and may require watering twice a day in warmer periods. Petunias as cultivated are hybrids between several species, hence the name Petunia hybrida. The compact, bushy varieties are perfect for planting in beds and borders and the trailing types brighten up hanging baskets and for flowing down the edges of containers. Uses. Soil should be moist with good drainage. Petunia F1 found in: Petunia 'Frenzy Mixed' F1 Hybrid, Petunia 'Prism Sunshine' F1 Hybrid, Petunia x hybrida 'Purple Velvet' F1 Hybrid, Petunia x.. #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } Multiflora by Jim, the Photographer. Mixed Petunia hybrids en masse - the best way to see them. Registration no: 10735156, Evergreen Garden Care (UK) Ltd,  Petunia x hybrida. XIANJIA - 100pcs Hanging Petunias, Garden Stuffed Hanging Petunias Winter Hardy Flower Seeds Perennial Flower Pots Seeds for Home Garden, Balcony, Patio 3.3 out of 5 stars 783 £3.45 £ 3 . Pot them up in pots just big enough to take the rootball and some fresh potting compost around the sides, and overwinter in a light, frost-free place – preferably a greenhouse or cool conservatory. Place the rootball in the planting hole and adjust the planting depth so that it is planted at the same depth as it was originally growing (except hardy fuchsias) and the top of the roots are level with the soil surface. Several species of Petunia are ornamentals grown in gardens for their large, showy; multicoloured flowers and is also an important cut flower crop. Full size in: 4 - 8 weeks. Petunias - trailing, climbing or upright Garden Flowers and Plants for Sale Half hardy annuals - Flowers June to October Order plants Jan-May, plant out after May This double trailing petunia comes in a beautiful deep purple, with white petal edging giving the flowers an almost star like appearance. Petunia is genus of 20 species of flowering plants of South American origin. Keep the soil moist by watering regularly during prolonged dry periods in summer. You may also enjoy the following Gardener's HQ growing guides: How to grow Fringe Flower and Apple of Peru plants. Provide plenty of water for the first couple of days after transplanting. These plants need at least 6 hours of sun, thorough watering, warm temperature, and low humidity. To propagate from cuttings. They grow best in a fertile, moist but well-drained soil. In St. Louis, it is grown as an annual. Soil in containers is prone to heating up and drying out much faster than soil in the garden, but petunias are particularly hot and dry hardy. Petunia Petunia. They are often grown as an hanging basket plant. But don’t overwater, as too much water will … The spread of Hedgiflora is usually in the range of 36 to 48 inches (90–120 cm). Petunia milliflora 'Shock Wave' by Scott Zona. Enjoy for: 8 - 17 weeks How to care for petunias. The annual or bedding petunias can be grown from seed sown indoors with warmth in spring in cell trays, seed trays or small pots at a temperature of 18-24°C (65-75°F). These fast growing half-hardy annuals grow well in all growing zones. Due to the many different types of Petunia hybrida it is difficult to give an exact description of each plant. They have finger like green sepals. Find help & information on Petunia × hybrida Carpet Series petunia Carpet Series from the RHS. But don’t overwater, as too much water will cause the plants to become leggy with few flowers. In the autumn, once damaged by frosts, bedding petunias are best dug up and composted. Choose strong, healthy young stems that aren’t flowering. Petunia × hybrida should be grown in full sunlight for best results; some cultivars will do fine in lightly shaded conditions. Petunia Grandiflora supertunia by beautifulcataya. The little black shrubs make perfect containers and hanging baskets. Performs well in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to light shade. Multiflora has flowers of about 2 inches (5 cm). Apply a granular general feed over the soil and water in well. Plant will struggle in high pH soils, and. Like any living thing, petunias need water to survive. Autumn is a great time to plant spring and summer-flowering bulbs, which will be well worth the wait. If growing older Petunia varieties then deadhead spent flowers and remove old stems to encourage further blooming. There are four major classifications of Petunia × hybrida: Hedgiflora (also includes the Petunia surfinia group); Grandiflora; Multiflora; and Milliflora. As a member of the Solanaceae family it is closely related to food staples such as tomatoes, Aubergine, and peppers. Tidal Wave). Petunia hybrida showers mix - 100 seeds Petunias have long been a gardener's favorite and it's easy to understand why. ... Petunia x hybrida. Sprouts in: 1 - 2 weeks. Find help & information on Petunia × hybrida Carpet Series petunia Carpet Series from the RHS ... Keep track of your plants with reminders & care tips – all to help you grow successfully. Here is what you need to know: 1. My calendar. Dig a good sized planting hole, big enough to easily accommodate the rootball. The flowers of petunia appear in about five weeks after planting and have a pleasant sweet scent. In hot periods, plants may require watering more often. Frimley, Surrey GU16 7ER,  Therefore, what follows is a general guide with some information on specific cultivars. Their mass of flowers bring lots of great colour to gardens. How to Care for Petunias. This should be followed by deep watering to help spread the feed to the roots. Genus Petunia can be annuals or perennials, with simple leaves and large, solitary, trumpet-shaped flowers in the upper leaf axils from late spring to autumn Milliflora / Floribunda have flowers of about 1 inch (2.5 cm). Petunia x hybrida. Once roots have established from the cutting they can be transplanted to their final location/pot/container. When large enough to handle, prick out plants individually into cell trays or small pots and grow on at a temperature of 50-65°F (10-15°C) in good light. Maintain a moist (but not saturated soil), also spray the leaves with water. Add organic matter. Applying a 5-7.5cm (2-3in) deep mulch of well-rotted garden compost or similar over the soil will help maintain soil moisture and keep down weeds.If you have a warm greenhouse, you can plant up containers and baskets in spring and grow on the plants, ready to place outside in late May/early June. Recent breeding has also removed the scourge of old petunia varieties – turning to mush in a wet summer. Petunia hybrida 'Horizon Mix' (Petunia 'Horizon Mix') will reach a height of 0.4m and a spread of 0.4m after 1-2 years. Petunia surfinia are typically 5 to 7 inches (12.5 – 17.5 cm) in height with a spread of up to 96 inches (240 cm). The plants may look raggedy at first but they’ll rebound with more color and blooms. Petunia 'Purple Wave' Other names. Buy Now Place them somewhere that needs a little color, and their trumpet-shaped blooms will take it from there. GardenersHQ © 2005-2021 Dean Ravenscroft / Thank you for visiting my gardening site; 2021 - 01 - 20 : Privacy Policy. There are numerous flower colors available including red, white, pink, purple, blue, and yellow. Stems are long and limp. This variety is heat tolerant and recovers quickly from wet weather. Cut below the leaf node, ensure that there are at least three leaf joints on the stem. Tolerates poor soils as long as drainage is good. Foliage: Leaves various in size and shape depending on cultivars. My advice. Plants are annuals, and the genus is native to South America. Dig in plenty of organic matter – such as garden compost, well-rotted manure or other soil improver – especially in very well-drained sandy soils to hold moisture. Place the pots in a plastic bag or in a propagator and place somewhere in good light, but out of direct sunlight, to root. Bedding varieties are either grandifloras with larger flowers or multifloras with smaller flowers that hold up better in the rain. The trailing varieties, such as Surfinias, are perennial and are grown from cuttings or new plants. However, most petunia varieties will bloom throughout the summer, except in extreme heat. Petunias are one of the most popular garden flowers for both borders and containers. Petunia plants range in height from 8 to 30 inches (20 to 75 cm) with spreads from 24 to 96 inches (60 to 240 cm). Petunia fanfare Crème de Cassis is a wonderful trailing variety with deep purple inners fading to light purple outers. Plants may develop rotten roots if grown in water-saturated soils. Trailing Petunia hybrida Pendula Balcony mixed, annual 25 … Depending on care – plant pods may last upto four months. These fast growing half-hardy annuals grow well in all growing zones. Although some species … These half-hardy annuals are easy to care for, they thrive in full sun and will flower… More Info. There is great variety in petunia flowers: a wide range of colours; both single and double blooms; smooth or ruffled petals; solid single, striped, veined or picotee-edged colours; and even fragrance. It is essential to plant in a sheltered postion in full sun. Water well. Petunia Container Care: Growing Petunias In Pots. Supertunia® Limoncello® - Petunia hybrid Supertunia petunias are vigorous with slightly mounded habits that function as both fillers and spillers in containers. */. They are reliable bloomers that add color all summer with very little care, and they are available in a nearly limitless range of colors, sizes, and forms. Snip off lower leaves and any flowers. They don’t require much care, but the few things they do need from the gardener are important. Petunia cv. Removing faded flowers and any developing seed pods will prolong the display. Cultivation. The Black Magic Petunia is a small trailing shrub with a mounded growth habit. If you can’t find suitable growth, cut back hard one or two stems at the back of the plants to encourage strong regrowth. The plant blooms with beautiful small black flowers, which truly make it look one of its kind. They have medium to large sized flowers. Petunia × hybrida should be grown in full sunlight for best results; some cultivars will do fine in lightly shaded conditions. Ideal for hanging baskets, pots and containers, Petunia Tumbelina Superstar is highly weather resistant, making it an assured choice for the Summer flowering season. Petunia hybrida Related to tomatoes, tobacco, and chili peppers, petunias have the power to brighten up any space. Do not water again until the soil has dried out completely. Note that the catalogs list trailing as well as bush sorts. /* Add your own MailChimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. Variety or Cultivar 'Purple Wave' _ 'Purple Wave' is a vigorous, spreading annual with sticky, hairy, mid-green leaves and magenta flowers in summer. The common garden petunia, Petunia hybrida, is derived from P. integri-folia and P. axillaris, two of many Petunia species endemic to South America. After pruning, fertilize and water the plants well to force out new growth and flowers. You can find petunias in just about every color but true blue and with growing habits that mound in borders or trail down containers. Supply a general-purpose fertilizer monthly (once established). Grandflora species range from 8 to 24 inches (20–60 cm) in height and spread to 36 inches (90 cm). Add a layer of organic matter – such as compost or planting compost – to the base of the hole and fork it in. These are more tolerant than Petunia Grandiflora, and not as susceptible to damage from heavy rains or bright sunlight. Straggly plants can be cut back quite hard and then fed with a liquid plant food to produce fresh new growth and a profusion of flowers. Caring for Petunias in Pots Petunia container care is very easy. Petunia 'Frenzy Mixed' F1 Hybrid is a colourful mix of over 20 varieties of petunia plants, that are great for hanging baskets, window boxes, flower pouches, planters and garden borders. When growing from seed always use packaged seed, as harvested seed usually reverts back to white flowered form. Verlike 20Pcs Various Color Petunia Seeds Flower Plant Home Garden Balcony Decor, Seeds for Plainting, Easy to Grow Flower Plants Seeds White Pink Petunia Hybrida Seeds … Double flowering Petunias and some hybrids may require 80° for germination. Miracle-Gro® and Scotts® are trademarks of OMS Investments, Inc. Petunia hybrida (Petunia atkinsiana) - the most popular hybrids for cultivation in home gardens - is a popular bedding plant - the third most valuable after geranium and impatiens - but is … Although, usually grown as hybrids some of the more known Petunia species include the Large White Petunia (Petunia axillaris, fragrant at night); the extremely rare red-flowered Petunia exserta; and Petunia integrifolia (purple flowered), which along with P. axillaris was used to create the first garden Petunia hybrid. Enjoy for: 8 – 17 weeks Petunia requires very little care, just remove withered flowers and leaves to enhance further flowering. Petunias are native to South America. Perennial, trailing varieties can be cut back hard in autumn, tidied up to remove dead or damaged growth and carefully lifted. Plants in containers will need regular, possibly daily watering – the aim being to keep the compost evenly moist. Bring nature indoors with houseplants that will transform your home into a green haven to help you to relax, destress... Getting to know your soil and how you can give your plants a head-start will keep your garden looking its best. This will encourage more branching and flowers. The cuttings should have rooted in 2 to 3 weeks, when they can be potted up individually and grown on. The former are incomparable for the hanging basket, garden and window. Ornamental-wise, it is related to plants such as Browallia, Salpiglossis sinuate, and Physalis. Petunia hybrid - Hot Lips. 45 Leaves are simple, alternate, lanceolate to ovoid, and pale green. Add organic matter. They can tolerate very bad weather, and make great container plants. When you’re balancing work, socialising, and still want time to unwind, it’s easy to forget to keep gardening in your... © 2021 Evergreen Garden Care (UK) Ltd. Petunia are thirsty, so water once a week to a depth of 6 to 8 inches (15–20 cm) in the morning (this will prevent powdery mildew and root rot). Remove the leaves from the lower two-thirds of the stem and insert five or six cuttings in pots of gritty, cuttings compost to the base of the lowest leaves. As they are fast growing, they tend to require a lot of care/ are high maintenance. Plants in containers will need regular, possibly daily watering – the aim being to keep the compost evenly moist. Petunias are planted out in May/June after the danger of frost has passed. Tender perennial that is winter hardy to USDA Zones 10-11. Petunias are easy plants to grow. and are used under licence from OMS Investments, Inc. Roundup® is a registered trademark and used under license. Keep the soil moist by watering regularly during prolonged dry periods in summer. If you enjoy the information on this site, then you'll love my book: The Gardener's HQ Plant Growing Guide. Although there are thirty-five known Petunia species, most types of Petunia plant grown in the garden are hybrids. Garden Petunia is an annual in the nightshade family that blooms continuously throughout the summer until frost and is one of the most popular bedding plants. Common pests and diseases include aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies, leaf miner insects, slugs, powdery and downy mildews, and viruses. Petunia x hybrida. United Kingdom. The popular flower of the same name derived its epithet from the French, which took the word petun, meaning "tobacco," from a Tupi–Guarani language.An annual, most of the varieties seen in gardens are hybrids (Petunia × atkinsiana, also known as Petunia × hybrida Grandiflora have large flowers (4 inches (10 cm)), and a large array of colors. They bloom continuously from the end of spring, throughout summer, and for many cultivars until the first frost. Petunia 'Purple Wave', Petunia x hybrida 'Purple Wave' F1. Available for Kindle (MOBI), iPad (ePub) and as a PDF. Ideally, the pH will be in the range of 6.0 to 7.0. Cuttings may appear limp until roots have started to develop (2–3 weeks). Petunias are one of our most popular summer bedding plants, flowering throughout summer until the first severe frosts of autumn. They are also excellent landscape plants, best suited to be placed near the front of beds. Mix in more organic matter with the excavated soil and fill in the planting hole. Seeds typically take one to three weeks to germinate in the light, at a temperature of 70 to 80°F (21–27°C). Flower borders and beds, patios, containers, city and courtyard gardens, cottage and informal gardens. Synonyms Petunia 'Kleph15313' . Other common names petunia [NightSky] . Cultivars can be single or double flowered. Cover the tray with a sheet of glass for extra humidity, until germination. Petunia Raspberry Blast hybrid. Space at about 8 to 12 inches (20–30 cm). Poke a hole in soil with your finger, plant the cutting. Petunias are perennial, although most bedding types are grown as annuals from seed each year. The more compact varieties are unexcelled for beds by themselves, or as wide edgings for other plantings. Perfect flowers can be single or doubles, have five petals, are fragrant at night, and trumpet shaped. Ideally, the pH will be in the range of 6.0 to 7.0. Water Matters. Take cuttings 7.5-10cm (3-4in) long, cutting just below a leaf joint, or node. Bi-colored forms are available. Petunia hybrid. They are prolific bloomers, although some forms require deadheading to keep them going. My plants. Feed regularly throughout summer with a liquid plant food to ensure a continuous supply of flowers. City, Cottage/Informal, Beds and borders, Containers. Petunia plant belongs to the plant family Solanaceae. Petunias prefer to be grown in full sun, although during hot, sunny summers they will tolerate light shade. Seeds can be sown in January-March under glass as they require a germination temperature of 72-75 degrees but many people purchase plants in six-packs from local nurseries. Sow seeds indoors, on the surface, about eight week before transplanting outdoors following the last frost. 1 Archipelago, Lyon Way,  Germination takes 10 days. The flowers bloom from April to October. Spreading or trailing petunias include Surfinia, Wave, Tumbelina, Supertunia and Cascadia series. To keep petunias tidy and flowering, we prune the shoots back to about half their length. They are also ideal for use as edging and garden bed plants. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. Supply a much of wood bark or chopped leaves to a depth of 1 to 2 inches (2.5–5 cm) to help maintain moisture. The petunia is happiest in full sun. Place in an area with good light (but not direct sunlight). Suggested uses. Growth Form: It is a bushy herbaceous perennial plant which always grown as annual bedding plant. Gradually acclimatise the plants to outdoor conditions for 7 to 10 days before planting outdoors when all risk of frost has passed. Petunia × hybrida Common name(s): Garden Petunia, Common Garden Petunia Synonyme(s): Petunia × atkinsiana Family: Solanaceae Origin: only cultivated. If you don’t have the facilities to grow them from seed, young petunia seedlings are available from garden centres and mail order suppliers in late winter/early spring. Petunia × hybrida Growing and Care Guide. Perennial, trailing varieties can be propagated from cuttings taken in March/April from overwintered plants or in August/early September.

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