For use with Smart Strip for more effective finish removal. Smooth caulking is designed to seal between courses of milled log home logs. Aquabar "B" floor and tile underlayment is an extremely effective moisture vapor retarder for use in a variety of interior construction applications. Through all the changes and the hurried pace of modern industry the same product is still being produced for customers who prefer the superior holding power and durability of this time-tested nail. Dumond laminated paper extends the dwell-time for all Dumond paint removal products and is critical to the project’s success, especially during hot day and inclement weather. CTA’s Outlast brand products are some of the easiest products available for consumer or contractor use. Highly recommended! Green Paint Removal Products And because Waterlox is self-leveling, lap marks,…. Dumond® Laminated Paper extends the dwell-time for all Dumond® paint removal products and is critical to the project’s success, especially during hot day and inclement weather. If the item you need is not listed below, call us! Once a paint removal product is applied to a surface to be stripped, the Dumond ® Laminated Paper is used to cover the stripping paste and paint. This pioneering product reduces wrinkling or tenting, keeping our paint removers in contact with subsequent coatings until reaching the bare substrate. Use the solvent to rub off whatever you can't scrape off. Best Overall: NWT Services - Rating: 4.63 stars (224 reviews) - Call Now: (586) 350-7172 2. Increases dwell time and reduces evaporation of Smart Strip™ 1 HD, especially when temperatures exceed 90° degrees Fahrenheit. A small thin pry bar that will fit under the strip. Dumond®Laminated Papercomes pre-packaged with our Smart Strip™ 1 HD Paint Remover. However, products developed to meet the call to improve air quality came with an undesirable dip in performance. The Dumond ® Laminated Paper is a patented laminated paper that extends the dwell time for all Dumond ® paint removal products. 1. Cover each section with laminated paper to accelerate the curing time of the paint stripper. If the cut nail you are looking for is not listed below, give us a call! You’ll want to be careful when you remove the battens or strips that cover the seams between two VOG panels. Here is a video that shows a man removing the strips that cover the seams of two modern VOG panel used in a manufactured home: Biodegradable Cleaning and Paint Removal Products | Removing Lead-based Paint Safely and Effectively Once the proper … Once a paint removal product is applied to a surface to be stripped, the Dumond®Laminated Paperis used to cover the stripping paste and paint. If you need help selecting which products are right for your project, we have specialists standing by to answer your questions and provide expert project advice. Don’t expect to keep a layer of varnish. If the product came with laminate paper squares for easier paint removal, adhere the squares to the wet stripper immediately after application. Scrape off as much as you can using a solvent, such as paint thinner or acetone, to soften it. [divider]We sell the entire line of CTA Outlast products. The laminated paper cover is carefully removed with the paste and the many layers of paint. Welcome to the premier industrial source for Paint Removal & Stripping Services in Michigan. Dumond Laminated Paper is one of the most respected and widely used environmentally friendly lead-based paint removal products in the world.. Paint Removers | Cleaning Soutions | Graffiti Products | Other Products Smart Strip Products | Green Removers | Marine Removers, Marine Paint Strippers | Eco-Friendly Paint Removers Last week I transformed a horrible looking writing desk in Part 2 of my Road-Rescue Series. If there are only a few layers of paint on your wallpaper, it may be possible to properly remove it without having to install new drywall. We used Dumond’s Peel Away Laminated Paper to speed up the process and aid in removal, but you can get away without using this product. Put down a drop cloth to keep any drips from damaging the floors or spilling into the dirt. Dumond® Laminated Paper reduces the wrinkling, or tenting, that occurs when doing a stripping project thus keeping the remover in contact with subsequent coatings until reaching the bare substrate. After you've removed the laminate, there is bound to be some residual glue. This penetrating feature gives the wood an “open pore” appearance that is desired by those seeking a natural-looking wood surface. Through the use of recycled whey proteins, Vermont Natural Coatings has created professional products to make application safer for workers and healthier for all. A chemical stripper or a thorough scraping of the old paint … “The Wet Jet is not suitable for wooden deck cleaning, because its pads are almost as thin as paper towels,” says Davies. When used with the Dumond® Laminated Paper, Peel Away ® 1 allows for lead paint removal off of multiple surfaces while trapping lead within to prevent dispersion of harmful lead particles in the surrounding environment. Paint strippers are no joke to mess with, so you always want to be safe when handling them.

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