We had no air and it was about 97 degrees in our house even through the heat, James made us laugh and smile. I will recommend this company to all my friends. the best interests of their customers in mind. Thank you John Flood, I can always count on you, At this time of world wide health crisis it was very important to resolve my sewer drain issue. I am super impressed with their quality of work and prices. A trained HVAC technician should look at your system to lubricate the components, inspect carbon monoxide levels, ensure the ignitor is functioning properly, and more. He was totally patient and professional and a careful worker throughout a long and tedious process. He diagnosed my. I. will continue to use them. JOB WELL DONE!!! They've always been very professional, and customer oriented. Auto to me, would be for automatically switching between heat and cool. We had figured on just replacing the valves and waiting to replace the toilet but Ricardo offered to call another technician who might be able to bring out a new toilet today. Provided a text and a picture of who would arrive and when. I will, Superb! taken care of our needs and requirements for the past 15 years. I was happy to come home to a dry basement! This means that the fan will automatically turn on when your air conditioning or heater is on and turn off when those heating or cooling cycles end. John C. Flood may cost a bit more for service than other plumbers, but our family finds that the difference is worth it in terms of reliability and future savings. Definitely recommend!! Since over half of home energy use is for heating and air conditioning, † better heating and cooling management is a great way to lower your impact. from another company had missed. Select Auto Heat/Cool. I cannot sing their praises enough! Great company and great service techs! He communicated when he was on the way and I received a text. Monday, February 15(Ontario Family Day)9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. He also replaced one battery backup and added one. the process with me as I asked several questions. Luckily the other technician was able to get another toilet out here within a half hour. In the end, the choice is yours between Ecobee 3 and Ecobee 4. Scott, a technician at John C. Flood is absolutely a great tech, he came and diagnosed my issue. I, was very impressed with my first contact to schedule an appointment with John C. Flood. They are very professional. Tom did the installations well and explained how to read the battery displays. They did a replacement of my furnace and air conditioner. Fix the Ecobee smart thermostat's most annoying feature. He didn’t try to, make up stuff that was wrong and was completely honest and direct about what really needed to be done unlike the first plumbing company we called - very appreciative and will definitely call again, Jason was a total professional and expert on our system and building. Ecobee, following the example set by the Nest 2nd gen thermostat, have been thinking outside the (conventional white, rectangular) box with the design of the ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor.The result is a stylish black square with rounded edges. exceptional, very technical and knowledgeable. Gave detailed instructions on how to deal with any potential issues in the future. within minutes and had it fixed in less than 30 minutes. He removed the sensor, tried to repair it, but no luck. Choose John C. Flood to install an ecobee SmartThermostat that switches from cool to heat. He's excellent!!! Auto to me, would be for automatically switching between heat and cool. s Select Auto Heat/Cool. All things considered, I prefer ecobee … That’s because many of the best smart thermostats turn your heating on and off when your ideal temperature has been reached. When the leaves start to change color and pumpkin patches start popping up on every corner, you might want to start considering whether it’s time to change your thermostat from “cool” to “heat.” However, knowing exactly when to make the switch can be tricky for homeowners experiencing frequent temperature fluctuations. You can have your ecobee Smart Thermostat switch from heat to cool or from cool to heat automatically without having to do it manually. We received same day on a Saturday (during the quarantine period in VA). Thank you! While troubleshooting an issue a few weeks ago, I believe the tech turned off the w1 connection in my Ecobee wiring. Unfortunately, when using HomeKit, Auto mode -- the ability to automatically switch between heating and cooling -- is not available, so you’ll need to remember to do this yourself when summer ends. He did service checks on four properties with varying challenges. C. Flood. Would definitely use again! Would recommend these guys 10 out of 10 times! He has been in the business for so many years and always has great ideas and feedback. Ricardo was on time professional and even saved me money! John C. Flood dispatched Damon, who arrived in under 2 hours from my call for a backed up main sewer drain. Would recommend John C. Flood for all service needs. I don’t believe you should have auto as an option in the modes if you don’t have heating as well. However, experiencing a 30-degree difference between the high and low is not unheard of for an average autumn day. Then he was also just as informed about how the huge air processors out back worked, and why one showed 17 events the day that storms caused a power interruption. It supports up to 2 stages for heating and 2 stages for cooling as well as up to 2 stages of auxiliary heat (so it actually supports a total of four stages for heating). Update: (6/2018) I got a service contract for twice a year inspection and have been having David Lavis from John C Flood do the work- he is great! An inspection can catch minor issues before they turn into expensive repairs that affect your system’s ability to achieve the recommended thermostat settings. was troubleshot and problem diagnosed correctly and the subsequent repair was executed flawlessly with a very high degree of expertise (greatly appreciated)! Beyond the static schedule, ecobee has “Smart Away” … I was just about to leave to go out of town, when I noted a puddle of water on the floor under my. By default, there need to be a 5 degree temperature difference between the Heat and Cool setpoint, so the system isn't constantly activating the heating then the cooling, fighting itself. Strangly, ecobee itself still allowed me to pick “Auto”. A friend recommended John C. Flood to me when I had a heater problem, and I am glad she did. He was professional, timely, and the work was done in the time he said it would be. For both transactions the work was professionally done in a timely fashion. This had contributed to our filters getting filthy sooner than usual. I give John C. Floor the best rating - excellent. Thanks to the whole John C. Flood team for getting the heat back on before Christmas!! He also explained future options for replacement of my water heater for my information. Would highly recommend John C. Flood for service in the future. The Ecobee3 Thermostat, can manage the temperature of the entire house using different sensors placed in different areas and rooms. Shout outs to Keith, James Brewer, Jeff Levin, Damon Hatcher Alberto Gomez, plus Rich and Victor. We do it all, so call (703) 752-1266 or. This allows you to target a more exact indoor temperature in Heat or Cool mode when possible, while automatically resorting to Auto mode (with an Ecobee-mandated differential of 2 degrees between heating and cooling targets) when needed. They were quick, responsive, and flexible. No problems so far! C. Flood to anyone. It uses a combination of intelligent algorithms and past performance to determine when to activate the stages. I was so impressed with my technician, Harry's, knowledge of how a sump pump works and was quickly. I couldn't recommend him or John C. Flood more highly. Michael Dailey was awesome. A heat pump is used in regions with moderate climate, where summer/winter is not that extreme any time. It will also show adjustable heat and cool set points (auto mode) or, otherwise, only heat or cool. Very fair price all things considered. Thanks for the great service, Damon! I called at 7AM, and the customer service. We have never had any issues with the quality of work performed by their service techs. He is real. He showed me exactly what he did and how to operate everything. Thank you So much. We were very pleased with the level of service we received. He explained what he was doing every step of the way and patiently answered my questions. Yes, Ecobee can switch from heat to cool automatically in Auto mode. I was both highly impressed and extremely pleased with the service we were privileged to get from this gentleman. After the. Specific thermostat settings may be preventing the heat from turning on. respectful and knowledgeable. Cleaned up all work areas, then reviewed everything upon completion. Thank you to Thomas Baker from John C. Q: Will ecobee automatically switch from heat to cool as the room temp changes or do I have to reset mode. She was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions regarding payment, coupons, etc. Michael Kendell and the rest of his crew with John C Flood were awesome. My basement flooded and he, worked to ensure that it would not happen again. Thanks Harry. I will call John C. Flood again with confidence and recommend them to others without reservation. Eric was very friendly and knowledgeable. Select “Auto” to allow the thermostat to switch between heating and cooling based on room temperature and the selected heating and cooling set points. Luke was so knowledgeable, helpful, and honest. The installation team was friendly, on time, and cleaned up after themselves. I'm a young woman, so creepiness is a factor when I have service folks in my home, and I have never had a bad experience with this company. Great work!!! Smart thermostats hit the market in 2007, but nowadays the best smart thermostats do a lot more than just control your heating and cooling system. I’ve used both products and I’ve found 8 key differences. This ensures that your home will always feel comfortable, with you having to readjust constantly. If you would like your HVAC system to automatically switch between heating and cooling, select Enable.-or- If you would like to manually change the system from heating to cooling… If you’re looking for absolute top-of-the-line performance, either one of these models is a great pick. Thank you for the prompt excellent service! André Gonçalves. Andy was very. I was impressed by everyone who works for this company. I was told by another plumber that he would have to remove all that and more. heating/cooling and water heating system in one day! Thank you Mr. Clark and John C. Flood for your services. This is the 2nd in-home plumbing project/work done by John C. Flood technician John Plank. The old system was. If the system is set to Auto, press (left) or (right) to switch between heat and cool set points. That in my view is better long term business because they have for sure secured a loyal customer in me. Auto mode on your ecobee thermostat is great for maintaining a comfortable home temperature in milder climates or in-between heating and cooling seasons. Recommended. You’ll need a programmable thermostat that automatically switches between heat and cool, otherwise, you’ll be switching back and forth throughout the autumn season. . I could not be happier! He was professional courteous and, efficient. and efficiently. Please recognize him for his excellent service and give him a good salary increase when he is up for a review :) Companies needs more people like him! Excellent experience from the first call for a water heater replacement the same day to completion, of work by Thomas Baker. Excellent service. Thank you! When the exterior temperature drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the indoor temperature of your home can become uncomfortable and you'll no longer need your air conditioner running. Plumber called as well to let me know he was on the way. He made some suggestions, and gave me options for replacing our hot water heater too, without making me feel like he was selling something to me that I didn't need. He performed the work in a timely manner, offered assistance with a second light pendant that needed new bulbs installed and provided suggestions for other jobs that need to be done around our home. I was using John C Flood for the first time, and based upon my experience with David I signed up for the annual 'contract' immediately. Tech. For those wanting the least variance in home temperature, this is a huge plus! This is our second experience with them and we have been extremely well satisfied with them! He was also provided information regarding my. I have always had the best experiences with John C Flood, both as a company and with their staff. Sleek design and elevated comfort meet impactful energy savings. Courteous, professional technician! He was very helpful letting me know what to do to keep things running well in the future. He is very professional, pleasant, skillful and cares about the CUSTOMER! The more difficult question is “what should my thermostat be set to in the fall?” When the leaves start to change color and pumpkin patches start popping up on every corner, you might want to start considering whether it’s time to change your thermostat from “cool” to “heat.” However, knowing exactly when to make the switch can be tricky for homeowners experiencing frequent temperature fluctuations. Even when there were issues with the air conditioning unit, John C. Flood returned quickly to solve them. I requested to speak with Thimas' supervisor and spoke with Sheila while Thomas was here. Scott was great and explained everything to me in a simple and easy to understand way. Again, a professional job all the way around. John C. Flood is who I'm calling from now on, they are the best! John C Flood just gained a new customer!!! Otherwise, join our Service Partner Program to receive routine heating maintenance. They will be my go to from now on. We wouldn't call anyone else! He was here less than an hour but the charge was about $460. A special shout-out goes to Andy for driving the needed drain camera from Virginia to my home in Maryland. Flair is the only Smart Vent system that's been built with automation from the ground up. His level of expertise and experience is excellent and takes the worry out of the plumbing repair process. John explained what he was going to do in detail and answered my questions in detail. Trust the team at John C. Flood to put your home’s comfort first. Even walked me through general maintenance of my unit and filter. John C. Flood and their employees are incredible! He approached me with excellent customer service skills and was very well detailed oriented while explaining stuff and troubleshooting. Why Isn’t the Ecobee Turning on the Heat? I will definitely be enlisting his services for other electrical jobs in the near future. John C Flood is lucky to have him as employee.. This will provide additional heat as needed. We will definitely use Flood for the plumbing issues we hope to never have. Excellent service! This is the 2nd time that Ricardo has come and worked on my home for a faucet issue. He will get the job done! service guy. Out of the box, the Ecobee does one thing very, very wrong. I initially used another Home Service app to find a plumber to help with a backed up sump pump. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. heating system and installed some expansion tanks. So we called John C. Flood and were told that someone would be by Noon and 4 pm. Wrap-up on ecobee vs Nest. I've used them several times. I live in La; night temp may be 40 but by noon it may be 90 so I want the thermostat to keep my home at 72 always without resetting mode ( 2 Answers ) However, experiencing a 30-degree difference between the high and low is not unheard of for an average autumn day. technician was polite, prompt and knew very quickly what the issue was. I had a family member fix a broken toilet earlier in the week, but it didn't take. The job was challenging. James Edwards is a technician with high integrity and competence. He, inspected our air conditioning system, gave us useful information on how to improve performance for maximum efficiency. A lot. They are truly reliable and professional. The repair was more difficult than he expected and it took almost four times as. Couldn't have asked for a. better experience. accomplish what no one before him had - unclogging an old backed up tube. He is courteous, thorough, fair and patient, and always takes the time to explain what is needed and why. Ronnie provided me with outstanding customer service. Both the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Ecobee SmartThermostat (the top-tier versions of both models) are $250 each. units and did an outstanding job. However, Ecobee can't automatically geo-fence with Apple mobile devices unless there is a HomeKit product at home. and did an excellent job starting up he system. Thanks for your help! he also recommended putting an electric switch in the furnace room so i don't need to have to connect to external electrical outlet he also recommend i get another CO2 Detector for the mid-level . he did a great job with our plumbing work. I really liked Eric and was very impressed with his bedside manner. He was pleasant, explained his work, and efficient. He explained what he was doing at each step of the process and was just a pleasure to work with. If I send the set to auto command to the ecobee3 when it’s off, nothing appears to happen…it’s still off. wanted done today, and to stay in our budget. We have been with John C Flood for many years. He was very neat and removed all traces of debris as part of the installation. He cleaned up after the work even though I said he needn't do that. Keep up the great work! Michael Dailey arrived on time. Below is a summary of the types of HVAC systems ecobee thermostats are compatible with. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Eric was great! of the crew that came out were awesome. He is definitely a great asset to John C Flood. I was looking for a company to trust and rely upon moving forward and I feel confident that I have found it. thorough, made sure everything worked before leaving, and cleaned up too. Nothing. 5 out of 5 stars! To return back to the pre-programmed temperature, press OK. What I really like about this company is their professionalism. Scott and John C. Flood always get the job done right and by taking out a yearly contract with them we always have peace of mind when it comes our home's AC, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical needs... Incredibly direct and professional representative came for a trouble call. I will request Michael as my technician if I have plumbing needs in the future. system and how it is running. It was nice receiving an email detailing what was done rather than the old paper receipt. This guide will help you troubleshoot the wiring and other electricity problems that can cause your thermostat not to turn on, click without turning on, or reboot constantly. Most important, Scott took the time to explain what he was doing, and to prepare me for what to expect with our new Nest thermostat. He is very knowledgeable and gave me helpful information about our AC. Richard Cloud is knowledgeable, professional and so detail oriented. The only real difference between these 2 products is their compatibility with HVAC devices. Five stars! As for heating and cooling, this thermostat is compatible with a wide range of systems including gas, oil, electric, dual fuel systems and auxiliary heat (to name but a few). Quick to respond to my service call and showed up when they said they would. knowledgeable and effective. The minimum allowable gap between the two set points is determined by the Heat/Cool Min Delta threshold. The new system actually was installed better than the original system by the home builder! Super impressed with this company, start to finish. We are very pleased. The team at John C. Flood did a fantastic job replacing our heating and air conditioner unit. The service was excellent. Thomas. He did a phenomenal job pointing out the problem and showing me step by step what the issue(s) were. We highly recommend this company! He was able to. WE HONESTLY THOUGHT THAT JUST GETTING ON THEIR CALENDAR WAS GOING TO BE AT LEAST A WEEK. If the temperature goes above the blue cooling set point, the ecobee will turn on your cooling equipment to lower it down to the desired level. Using the geo-fencing feature with the motion detectors can cause an annoying quirk. After everything today I will definitely be using John C. Flood! He then attempted to restart the water heater, but the sensor would not reset. James successfully diagnosed my plumbing issue, let me know the estimated cost up-front, and did a terrific job fixing the problem. Provided and estimate of work as well. He knew what he was doing and quickly diagnosed a cut line that another tech. To make sure that you’re comfortable, the device functions based on various data points such as the … When its time to switch your thermostat from “cool” to “heat,” our trained experts can inspect every aspect of your heating system to ensure it’s functioning at maximum efficiency. I've always liked my John C Flood technicians but. G.switzer, (December 2017) I knew our AC unit from 1986 was going to need replacing when we bought the house 6. years ago so finally had someone come out to inspect and price - I called 3 friends and 2 recommended John C Flood so figured I would call them. Using the geo-fencing feature with the motion detectors can cause an annoying quirk.

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