This is Winden, though — every new person is secretly someone we already know. He leaves a pendant on her pillow. In 1987, Egon tells Claudia what he knows about time travel, and though she doesn’t seem surprised, she doesn’t share her own knowledge on the subject with her dad. Katharina is having a hard time, mentally. Erik’s dad is not impressed that the “task force” is actually just Clausen and Charlotte. But, if everything goes well, she will live. She wants to know if Ulrich could pick today, who would he choose? The dark matter turns into a portal, which disappears, reappears, and then opens to reveal Elisabeth in 2053. Hannah says she lost everything where she came from, and is looking for a fresh start. Soon after, teen Jonas arrives back home, looking for Hannah. In the interview, Charlotte and Clausen hear from Regina about older Jonas, and see everything he left behind in the hotel. That man’s daughter is Agnes, which means it’s likely a matter of time until we see young Noah again. Is this going to be another incest situation? In the 2053 dead zone, Jonas shows the guard the God Particle, and then adds the stolen gas, stabilizing it. Old Claudia shows up to confirm that both of these things need to happen. They fight over the phone, and Egon falls, cracking his head open on the table. “We’re a perfect match,” Martha says, “don’t ever believe anything else.” They kiss extremely passionately and lovingly. She will make you very happy if you let her.”. She asks Jonas if he’s Hannah’s new lover. In 1954, Helge’s mom calls Noah because she’s concerned that Helge won’t talk. This is an interesting pairing, because they’re both pretty new to time travel and don’t have a ton of experience with which to guide one another. “You could have told him,” the man says in reference to Jonas. Frankly, I agree. This story has been shared 2,088 times. Aleksander is being interviewed by Clausen, who notes that it’s weird that everyone who is born in Winden stays. Claudia and Jonas split up; Claudia heads to the bunker, but goes to get Regina first. Her or Katharina? She explains her pricing menu, and he runs away, freaked out. He introduces himself to her, and she retorts, “I know who you are. He’s physically scarred, but seems unaffected emotionally. They talk about her adoptive grandfather, HG Tannhaus, and Jonas says that he was used by Claudia. If I were a Winden family who hadn’t had a child disappear, I would definitely be moving cross-country stat. Poor Jonas seems a little too eager to trust Adam. Adam grabs a photo of Elisabeth, and says that Charlotte is Elisabeth’s daughter. Michael comes downstairs, and they share a moment of intense eye contact, which seems to shake up both of them, emotionally. Charlotte tries to stop Clausen from having the radioactive waste opened, but he won’t listen to her. We begin the episode with a brief flashback of what happened the night of the mugging. In the car, Woller asks Clausen how he got his position leading the task force. He also a large container of coffee when he sees Jonas holding his raincoat, and says he had a deja vu. It’s a pleasant morning in the Kahnwald house, but there are signs that Michael is struggling. JUST TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE CLEAR that time is going to be a fluid concept in this series, the first voice we hear immediately starts telling us we don’t understand time as the camera opens on a dim, cloudy sunrise: “We trust that time is linear. It’s actually a pretty good excuse. Okay, I guess — but in a world where time travel exists, who gets to be horny for who? The blob is revealed to be the “God Particle.” Jonas is working on it as he listens to a recording of Claudia talking about it. Okay, so Team 2020 Adult seems to be forming right around the same time as Team 2020 Teen — exciting. Dark Season 2: Release Date. They awkwardly break up, mutually, and he wonders if it’s because of Jonas. What is Claudia’s goal, and how did she become a time travel expert? Helge receives an unsettling pep talk, and he seems both flatter and vaguely disturbed by Noah. The 1987 Claudia tries to reconnect with Regina after hearing that their days together are numbered, but Regina isn’t used to the positive attention and has trouble accepting it. What is his goal? Dark. Teen Jonas wakes up with adam sitting next to his bad in 1921. A woman comes into the room and addresses the old man as Adam. Mikkel wakes up feeling sick again, and Katharina gets in bad with him at his request. Season 2 kicks off with the establishment and architectural work necessary to stand up the Sic Mundus. Mikkel goes home to a worried Ines, and he asks her about God. Full episode recap . They tie him up, take his time machine, though they don’t know what it is, and leave him behind. Charlotte is looking at old things in Tannhaus’ studio when Noah comes in. Click here to watch now. Jonas seems awestruck by her presence, and extremely affected by her touch. Peter reveals that Charlotte never really knew her parents, and that she was raised by HG. Jonas will not be born, but everyone else will live. Charlotte has called in sick at work so she can investigate without Clausen’s prying eyes. She tells the younger Claudia that she must stop Adam, and that she doesn’t have much time left with Regina. In 2053, the guard who translates for Elisabeth goes to see Jonas in a prison cell. His hair is longer and hers looks redder. This older man, It’s June 26. He’s wearing his raincoat to cover his neck, even though it’s sunny.

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