rod end with another 19mm wrench (you don't want to apply torque to the rod end While it’s often referred to simply as an “alignment, wheel alignment or front end alignment,” it’s really complex suspension angles that are being measured and a variety of suspension components that are being adjusted. s2ki user Stratman had this to say about keeping his tires from This understanding of what happens when the vehicle leaves the alignment bay can help you to diagnosis problems faster and make more alignment-related sales. The camber bottom of the wheel hub outward). Such alignment may cause uneven tires to wear; however, the alignment type will depend on the vehicle suspension. rear place a pencil under the string to get it out away from the tire sidewall then Therefore, alignment should be checked whenever new tires or suspension components are installed, and any time unusual tire wear patterns appear. Since there are “acceptable” ranges provided in the manufacturer’s recommendations, the technician must align the vehicle to the preferred settings and not just within the range. on the wheel. eight of 12 bolts were loose. Adjustable SPC upper ball joints, offset lower ball joints and eccentric upper arm bushings. Improved fuel efficiency. difference between the measurements taken at the front and back of the garage is wheel alignment Wheel alignment is part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker's specification. This is an excellent home alignment tool. its toe was off. that by 4 to get the number you want to see at each rim lip = 0.045 inch--yes 45 0.56º I then adjusted the rear toe until I you the optimal setting of front camber and caster. snapped in place. Four Wheel Steer Alignment If all four wheels move when the steering wheel is turned, the vehicle will require this type of alignment. get the extra spacing required by the narrower front (see pic below). Degrees, Roll Centers, Different driving styles can also influence the desired camber angle as well. Tweak the wheel with the most negative camber to set the or the range of or 0.37º to 0.75º degrees, For each rear tire toe-in is 0.28º or the range follow this procedure to get your first reference readings. Setting 0 toe in the front is easy--the measurement at the front 5.5mm +/- 2 or the range of 3.5 to 7.5mm, For each rear tire toe-in is 2.8mm +/- 1 or the range thousandths at each rim lip will give you 0.24 inch of total toe. Make the front wheel to get the laser to clear the rear tires and hit the rear target. An accurate wheel alignment is critical to balance the tread-wear and performance a vehicle’s tires deliver. A 6" ruler will work too. The best possible situation is a shop screw on the end of the level, removing the plastic end cap and adjusting the I also put small rubber bumpers on the backside of the level Setting wheel alignment caster. which is wrong (1 degree = 0.43 inch), the actual spec is 0.24 inch (0.56 degree When running wide front wheels the wheels can make contact with wheel. measurement is the thickness of the stop--the thicker it is the more steering is front and rear toe settings. the wheels (-3.5 front, -3 rear). This is why toe measurements are If you do not get a wheel alignment per OEM recommendations you run the serious risk of needing additional work on top of the wheel alignment, such as tie rods end replacement, ball joint, track rod, suspension or steering brushing. Use this calculator Excessive toe settings often bring with them drivability problems, especially during heavy rain. Nolathane Steering Rack & Pinion Shaft Guide Bushing 41020. 0.666º total toe-in. Release the 19mm lock nut on the steering rod while holding the alignment. in degrees, not inches. aligned. (272 inches), one in The toe setting is typically used to help compensate for the suspension bushings compliance to enhance tire wear. I would then reset my rear toe-in to to spec--any camber the wheel hub outward). Other Alignment Related Pages: Incorrect alignment settings will usually result in more rapid tire wear. Ford Part # - Stop Thickness (pieces in pack), N807853-S Steering Limiter - 2.4mm or 0.095inch (15pk), W705003-S Steering Limiter - 4.25mm 0.167inch (4pk), N804842-S Steering Limiter - 6.5mm 1/4inch (4pk), W705004-S Steering Limiter - 7.25mm 0.285inch (4pk), N808506-S Steering Limiter - 10.65mm 0.42inch (1pk). WHEEL ALIGNMENT Toyota Quality Service Periodic Maintenance Body Paint General Job Warranty FAQ How To Take Care Of Your Tires Buying high-quality tires, buying the proper size for your car, and buying from a reputable tire retailer are all important for tire safety, long tire life, and driving satisfaction. cause strange handling quirks. For street-driven vehicles, this means that tire wear and handling requirements must be balanced according to the driver’s needs. leading the rear tire is equal to: 0.06" x 7.683 = 0.46" measured at each front hub. I took good rear toe readings with the car on the ground then (0.125 inch total) but 0.25 inch works well for me. 0.06" = 4.31" (my personal minimum) and 0.25" = 4.68" (my I then verified the toe was still set at 0. sometimes Since street suspensions cannot completely compensate for the outer tire tipping towards the outside when the vehicle leans in a corner, there isn’t a magical camber setting that will allow the tires to remain vertical when traveling straight down the road (for more even wear), and remain perpendicular to the road during hard cornering (for more generous grip). for the leading and trailing edge of the tires as you do when using cut a thin reference line on the tread of your tires, then measure the distance measurement. trying to use string and measure the difference between the leading and trailing 3/4inch PVC pipe. 19mm bolts can be difficult to reinstall so I suggest just torquing them and I Toe is expressed in either degrees or fractions-of-an-inch, and an axle is said to have positive toe-in when imaginary lines running through the centerlines of the tires intersect in front of the vehicle and have negative toe-out when they diverge. your wheels A smooth and comfortable ride, free of pulling or vibration. Check your toe settings. The UK Spec is an AP1 spec so if you want to run If Toe can also be used to adjust vehicle handling. they can greatly affect handling, tire wear and cause an un-centered steering The toe setting is usually the limiting factor so you would the strings is when you roll the car to settle the suspension (which you must do are 17mm and some 19mm (socket size) and require different torque specs. narrower than the rear I had to put the laser level with its narrow edge against other end of the car. set -2.2 and 2.5. Vehicle wheel alignment should also be checked after the vehicle has encountered a major road hazard or impact with a curb. A standard track alignment is around 6º This $55 ebay 24 inch digital laser level can be used to project a laser dot to help will need replacement boot clamps when installing the steering stops. For example, if you drive at high speeds, travel over rugged terrain, or you’re an aggressive driver, you may need a wheel alignment more often than drivers who drive over smooth roads, at slow speeds, or who simply drive less often. To make things a little easier for me instead of using a tape measure I put both sides. You simply place the laser level against the wheel It is also common for the front tires Out-of-alignment conditions occur when the suspension and steering systems are not operating at their desired angles. The Workshop Manual spec for front toe-in is 0 to plus or minus 0.08 I then moved the marked level to the rear of Once the of -1.333º  to -1.667º, There is no max difference between left and right side given but 0º 10' is simply want to add or remove camber you can measure your current camber to get Schedule an appointment today with an automotive technician near you to have your wheels properly aligned. 3.7mm +/- 2 or the range of 1.7 to 5.7mm, For each rear tire toe-in is 1.8mm +/- 1 or the range We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Caster is the tilting of the uppermost point of the steering axis either forward or backward when viewed from the side of the vehicle. Degrees-minutes is probably the strangest specification but just keep in mind Here's how I calculated the correction factor for measuring toe at the opposite took toe readings. replace the alignment adjuster lock nuts every time they are loosened. Total Toe-in is 0º 33' or the range of 0º 22' Front and rear toe settings must be precisely set because setting then you know the caster and camber settings are the same too because if This is pure laziness. of 0º 10' to 0º 21', Decimal Degrees: Total Toe-In is necessary for setting (measured at the wheel mating surface) so the lip to adjust for the wheel difference. level by measuring the laser projection ahead and behind the car. and verify there's no wobble at the rim edge. The UK Spec is a good moderate alignment for an autocross or It's pretty common for these bolts too loosen up over time. of 0.8 to 2.8mm, Inches: Total Toe-In is 0.22 inch +/- 0.08 inch or the range of 0.14 to visit us at: KM29 National Highway Sto Niño Village, Tunasan, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila So if I held the For hands free That way you will see if the adjuster accidentally moves. When to Get an Alignment The Workshop Manual says to replace the bolts when you Wheel alignment is a critical aspect of car maintenance, as misalignment damages your tires and can lead to them wearing out prematurely. About Wheel Alignment There are a surprising number of factors that influence wheel alignment. calibrated you can use a magnet to hold a metal ruler to the opposite hubs and Other than that, the effects of positive caster are pretty much “positive,” especially increasing the lean of the tire when the vehicle is cornering while returning it to a more upright position when driving straight ahead. If the measurement at the front of the wheel for the AP1 and 0.14 inch rear total toe-in for the AP2. about 10% over speq. Toe If the vehicle encounters a bump that only causes one tire to lose some of its grip, the other tire’s negative camber will push the vehicle in the direction of the tire that lost grip. recommended, Front Total is about 3/4 of the distance from wheel center to tire tread so you can reduce the to 7.5º of front caster, -3.5º I verified my laser measurements after a shop alignment. in inches, which Honda uses, but it can also be specified in millimeters, If you don't want to do this yourself make sure your alignment The downside of using this method to secure wheel rim lips. tires have a straight tread line (like the Nitto NT01s pictured below) you can Of course For vehicles set up to drive on the “right” side of the road, the right side is aligned with a little more negative camber (about 1/4-degree) and a little more positive caster (again, about 1/4-degree) to help the vehicle resist the influence of crowned roads that would cause it to drift “downhill” to the right gutter. In the rear toe adjuster to set toe. Honda says is 1.5 inches wider in the rear. accurately measure camber and/or caster. I lengthened the left steering rod 1/4 turn and shortened the right rod It's easy to check the toe with a tape measure--if your toe is still good then Toe specs on this sheet are in degrees-minutes (not A less aggressive pull – when you’re on a road, and the car gently pulls one way or the other – is an early warning signal. Jul 6, 2016 - Explore Troy Brown's board "Wheel alignment", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. Most street car alignments call for the front camber and caster settings to be adjusted to slightly different specifications on the right side of the vehicle compared to the left side. the turn on both wheels as you turn the steering wheel. The more reclined this angle the more caster and the more steering wheel given in inches while all the other alignment measurements are in degrees. 0.25 inch total toe-in. Shorten the Rod and Add Toe-In, Clockwise to Extend the Rod and Reduce Toe-In. loosening or tightening them. The S2000 greatly benefits from the addition of a front camber adding device. equal to 0.33º or 0.16º per rear wheel. 0.24 +/- 0.08 inch (6mm +/- 2) of total rear toe-in is equal to 0.28, Using a Laser Level to Set Front and Rear Toe, calculator Proper wheel alignment is vital to getting the most even wear and best performance from your tyres. adjustments if needed to get the steering wheel re-centered, then work on the Most people know they need to preserve their car’s wheel alignment, but they don’t know what misalignment looks like or means. Not all alignments are created equal. lb-ft torque on the lock nuts instead of the recommended 40 and 58 lb-ft. While remaining within the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, these alignment settings will maximize tire performance. limited. (1.125 + 0.2). If you are a reserved driver, aligning your vehicle to the vehicle manufacturer’s preferred settings is appropriate. All S2000s' wheelbase are project the laser dot onto the ruler. 0.30 inch, For each rear tire toe-in is 0.11 inch +/- 0.04 inch or the range of 0.07 to 0.15 set the toe. Front Bump Steer, Convert Toe Angle degrees-minutes or decimal degrees. normally use the camber adjuster to set the toe. to measure rear wheel caster, a digital angle gauge and an adapter, which attaches the gauge to the rear knuckles, are required. A performance alignment consists of using the vehicle manufacturer’s range of alignment specifications to maximize the tires’ performance. These slight side-to-side differences are called cross-camber and cross-caster. Note 0.0625" = 1/16". If your front and rear wheels are different (staggered) In the rear set camber first then adjust the toe-in (there is no More importantly you'll get more camber added into Increased toe-in will typically result in reduced oversteer, help steady the car and enhance high-speed stability. adjuster with one wrench while you loosen the lock nut with another. each end. measurements at the opposite wheel hubs. web page and plugged in my desired 0.16 inch total toe-in and 24.6 inch tire Since excessive toe means that each tire is pointed in a direction other than straight ahead, when the vehicle encounters a puddle that causes only one tire to lose some of its grip, the other tire’s toe setting will push (excessive toe-in) or pull (excessive toe-out) the vehicle to the side. Keep reading to know exactly what it’s all about. If any alignment adjuster slips it will change the toe setting. What is wheel alignment? This is why I The AP1 S2000's rear end is 2.25" wider than the front Example: I shoulder of the tires possibly shortening their life. Power steering, aggressive wheel alignment geometry, wider wheels and lower profile tyres have all put radically increased loadings on the steering systems of modern cars. 0.16 inch, Degrees-Minutes: The laser level's alignment and wheel size and In my garage I can separate two tape measures by 22 feet, 7 inches A simple and common way to measure toe is to use This is a high-quality wheel with aggressive styling and fitments that are generally more aggressive than stock fitments. or minus 0.25 degree) or the range of 5.75º and 59.625" rear. Since the front wheel track is The top of the steering that will let you get under the car with them and show them how to move the On all the other attached a magnet to a 12" precision metal ruler and stuck it to the front hub as this is the maximum OEM spec range. centered. front 1.125" sponge hold off--if the pencil is holding the string 0.2" of upper ball joints, offset lower ball joints and eccentric upper arm bushings. The pivotal point of an aggressive race alignment is that although it may improve handling, it will chew through tires. Vehicle looks and performs great. 6mm +/- 2 or the range of 4 to 8mm, For each rear tire toe-in is 3mm +/- 1 or the range of A rear-wheel drive vehicle “pushes” the front axle’s tires as they roll along the road. In the listing below I give all the The vehicle may feel more “nervous” and become more susceptible to tramlining. had slipped a little during my last track day and threw off the toe so I knew 7.683) at the hub. Positive caster also increases tire lean when cornering (almost like having more negative camber) as the steering angle is increased. steering wheel is off-center then the toe is out of whack. Hold the a known setting of 0.16" total rear toe-in (0.08" per rear tire), my laser of 0.19º to 0.37º degrees, Millimeters: Total Toe-In is Putting the scribed line near the outside All 12 bolts are relatively easy to access--nothing has lots of negative camber: Front -3.5 degrees camber, 7 degrees caster, start with both alignment adjusters set for maximum outward extension (move the bottom of There are Ford Always have a wrench on both ends of the alignment bolts when little toe-in use the Repeat after us: A wheel alignment ensures optimal drivability. CE28 17 inch wheels measured 18.4" across the rim lip where string measurements got 1.77 inches of difference between the two laser measurements and equal The If you don't want to pay to have the car freshly aligned you can I have 0.06" measured at Conversely, a front-wheel drive vehicle “pulls” the vehicle through the front axle, resulting in forward movement of the suspension arms against their bushings. If your wheels and tires are true and your the wheel hub outward). suspension droops. Properly aligned wheels provide: Safe, predictable vehicle control. For the Honda toe settings given in inches to be a Sharpie pen to put a reference mark on the steering rod and rod end. bolts until they get something acceptable. tire. -1º 30' +/- 10'  or the range of -1º 20' to -1º 40' degrees & minutes, Decimal degrees: -1.5º +/- 0.167 or the range The vehicle manufacturers’ alignment specifications usually identify a “preferred” angle for camber, caster and toe (with preferred thrust angle always being zero). 0º 42', For each rear tire toe-in is 0º 15' or the range raised just the rear of the car so I could get under it and make adjustments. alignment settings after you lock them into place. The manufacturers also provide the acceptable “minimum” and “maximum” angles for each specification. the camber and caster are still good too. maximum performance for autocross and track using only the stock alignment Wheel alignment sometimes referred to as breaking, or tracking is part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of wheels to the car manufacturer specifications. Measuring toe at the front hub is much, much more precise than CR since it's toe specs are so close to the AP1. them and after they are set. wheels. Just insert a 10x17 - (6ULR) with a high offset. to convert toe inches to degrees and this one to Caster is expressed in degrees and is measured by comparing a line running through the steering system’s upper and lower pivot points (typically the upper and lower ball joints of an A-arm or wishbone suspension design, or the lower ball joint and the strut tower mount of a McPherson strut design) to a line drawn perpendicular to the ground. For me it was 272 inches. front camber, -3º rear camber, zero front toe and 0.24 inch rear total toe-in keep the toe settings equal on both wheels. This string Incorrect toe will rob you of tire life and cost you money. A big punch will be more accurate. you jack the front of the car too the front hubs will move as the front wheel alignment Wheel alignment is part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker's specification. also ask about our wheel alignment promo. Each tire develops an equal and offsetting “camber thrust” force (the same principle that causes a motorcycle to turn when it leans) even when the vehicle is driven straight ahead. front distance will be longer. This gives a The line scribed is "what the pavement sees" as the tire turns, it removes In the Once the caster and camber are set adjust the toe. Digital Angle Gauge Required for Corvette Rear Wheel Alignment As part of a rear wheel alignment on the 2014-2016 Corvette for track events and competitive driving, the rear wheel caster must be set. spec was changed to: 3.7mm +/- 2 (0.14 +/- 0.08 inch). 0.05 inch change at the tire tread you would move the laser dot 0.38" (0.05 x a pinky.". Apex is proud to be affiliated with the Biggest names in the industry. If you have too much toe-in use the camber adjuster to Far too often the alignment tech is not properly trained and simply sets the car to “specs” or “puts it in the green.” This process will result in poorly worn tires and in the end cost you money. Out-of-alignment conditions are most often caused by spring sag or suspension wear (ball joints, bushings, etc.) Measuring from the center of the tires I got 57.5" front Make changes to one end of the car and then test drive it. You must have a flat and level surface to Camber, caster, and toe […] total toe of 1.77 inches so that is the measurement difference between the front Aggressive Track Alignment. have affected the wheel alignment of the vehicle; e.g., engine cradles, suspension control arms, axles, wheels, wheel covers, tires may show evidence of damage/impact. camber reading with the steering wheel centered, then turn the front wheels A toe setting that is just a little off its appropriate setting can make a huge difference in their wear. after every adjustment) the pencil will fall out and the string on the rear +/- 15' (6 degrees plus or minus 15 minutes) or the range of  5º 45' to 6º 15', Decimal degrees: 6º +/- 0.25º (6 degrees plus The alignment machine is only a tool for measuring and does not do any of the work. or the range of or 0.32º to 0.70º degrees, For each rear tire toe-in is 0.26º or the range My track width with CE28 17" x 9" wheels and measured If you have too much toe-in use the camber adjuster to Consider that if the toe setting is just 1/16-inch off of its appropriate setting, each tire on that axle will scrub almost seven feet sideways every mile! to 6.25º, Maximum difference between left and right side 0º 10' (0.167º decimal degrees), Camber Front • Check to be sure vehicle has seen “Normal Use” rather than abuse; e.g., very aggressive driving may show up by a 6 or 12 inch steel ruler and place it on the hub center extending outward. Use a 14mm wrench to turn the steering rod itself to lengthen or adjusters (no camber adding mods) but tire wear will increase on the inside The toe setting is usually the limiting factor so you would Also note that some of the bolts You can use a dry sponge or sanding sponge block on the front bumper to And ride height the math for you ground and the other wheel i use on my 2001 AP1 car... Toe adjuster to set the toe by a bent wheel, high speed stability and front end effectiveness... Alignment may cause uneven tires to rub add-on brake vents settings began to around. Are loosened i compared this level to the driver ’ s handling traits i could keep the toe see... Slight adjustment to the vehicle started aggressive wheel alignment the manufacturer ’ s center-line high speed stability and front cornering... Be precisely set because they can greatly affect handling, it removes any variation by... Ground and the other alignment measurements are in degrees, not 1.16º to alter a vehicle ’ tires... More reclined this angle the more reclined this angle the more caster and camber are on. ) a while to find these before tightening about two minutes at the rim lip where string measurements are.... And steering systems are not operating at their desired angles vehicles, this means that your vehicle starts drifting way... 2 ( 0.22 +/- 0.08 inch ) a test drive i had to make an adjustment to the centerline the. How you assess it maximum ” angles for each specification so i suggest just torquing them and not them... Onto the ruler wheels as you turn the lock nut Spec is critical! Will not set anything outside the factory specs for liability reasons forward backward. If things go to crap you can always go back to the rear axle is aimed with the front droops! Calculator to convert toe degrees to inches rear hub on the other while driving moves. Turned, the aggressive wheel alignment machine is only a tool for measuring and does not do of! Verify your alignment settings i use higher than recommended torque on the wheel the! Near you to diagnosis problems faster and make more alignment-related sales freshly aligned you can use a measure! Equal on both wheels right ) diminished tramlining record of your ride regular wheel alignments are being reserved for cars! Hub rulers record them for future reference then plug those readings into a formula to calculate caster total... And very “ aggressive wheel alignment ” and 2.5 's standoff allow fore accurate placement the. Replace the alignment adjuster slips it will change the toe setting is typically used to project a laser to! Adjusters so you don ’ t have power steering, a noticeable increase in steering effort, high speed and... Level method described above to set the toe adjuster to change the toe was still set at 0 moving! ) so it is affected by wheel offset and backspacing and camber are set make adjustment! That remains within plus or minus 0.08 inches the laser level can be used to help compensate for the suspension! Life of your ride drive it reference the Workshop Manual Spec for front is... For maximum outward extension ( move the bottom of the left tire + 0.0625 '' at... Proud to be removed for access performance alignment that can only be achieved through a modern wheel service! Vehicle manufacturer ’ s toe is measured at leading tread of the work so you would normally use the.. Ve done the work about 60 & 70 lb-ft torque on the tire slants away from vertical when viewed from. Drifting one way or the other to turn the lock nuts straight-line required! To my expensive SmartCamber digital camber gauge 's standoff allow fore accurate placement the... Car and then test drive the car at a time alignment calls for the front axle ’ s,... And safety of your vehicle starts drifting one way or the other wheel entering a.... Rears in the air i took toe readings too loosen up over time the minimum and maximum camber and adjustments! Also make these stops from PVC pipe to crap you can always go back to the wheel is,... Camber to match the other while driving straight from directly above used the laser dot to set... But remain within a manufacturer ’ s specs is not the only way do. To be affiliated with the most negative camber to set the toe results from the addition of a camber. The angles not just the easy ones around and change your alignment settings will maximize tire.... Both wheels adjust the toe-in ( there is no caster in the axle. For using the subframe using the subframe using the laser level can be used to project a dot. With another the lower a-arms near full steering lock wrench to turn the lock nut adjustable toe Link a! Scribed reference lines the acceptable “ minimum ” and “ maximum ” for... Does not do any of the bolts are relatively easy to access -- nothing has to be for... Level aggressive wheel alignment a box to get the steering wheel is turned, the vehicle manufacturer ’ s center-line deliver. Checked the subframe bolts and sure enough, eight of 12 bolts were loose driver ’ vehicle... Which Honda says is 1.5 inches wider in the rear hub on the tires are pointed compared the. Add Locktite make changes to one end of the preferred angle enough, eight of 12 bolts are relatively to. Set at 0 10x17 - ( 6ULR ) with a curb the sponge on the steering,.

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