Spain explored Kansas in 1541. 21. The rumors are true whether you believe them or not. Long Branch Saloon, Dodge City, Kansas by Dave Alexander. Kansas has a three-tier progressive income tax system, income tax rates range between 3.1%, 5.25%, and 5.7%. Fort Riley was established near … 24. 5 Interesting Facts About The Kansas City Chiefs. Besides the whales, Kansas also against shooting rabbits, especially from motorboats. check our First Friday’s for Art and night life. Kansas, like all other states has a state animal that is best used to represent the state, people of the state, and history. In that spirit, here are fun facts you should know about KU while considering where to study! Over 43% of the state’s population is college-educated. Therefore, thousands of those insects form a part of the foundation. "—Laura Hillenbrand, author of Seabiscuit: An American Legend "In the entire sweep of American sports, from … September 23, 2015. Although these things helped Kansas build its name and reputation, there are some incredibly redeeming qualities that make the Sunflower State such an awesome place. There have been more meteorites found in Kansas than in any other state residing west of the Mississippi River, barring Texas. It is known as the “ahr-KAN-zuhs” in Kansas and in Oklahoma and Colorado, it is known as the “Arkansaw.”. 13 Facts About Kansas City You Never Knew Were True. 23. Kansas is the 35th most populous and the 15th most extensive of the 50 states of the United States. Early in the 1900s, a newly-dug well begun emitting gas. A ball of yarn in Cawker City measures over 38 “circumference and weighs more than £ 16,750 and still growing. The Long Branch Saloon really did exist in Dodge City, Kansas. Kansas has 0ver 2,770 small business exporters. In 1909 in Goodland, Charles A. Wilson and William J. Purvis co-invented the first helicopter that received a patent. However, the capital city is Topeka, which is the 5th largest city in the state, boasting a population of approximately 125,000. Sam Brownback Doing a Good Job? With these 56 interesting facts about Kansas, let us learn about its history, people, culture, geography, economy and much more. If you would like to see the economic facts about Kansas that could be crucial in your decision to start a business or franchise in the state, then scroll down a little further to see the business and economic facts. It has been dubbed, the “Sampson of the Cimarron.” It is perhaps the longest known railroad bridge and spans more than 1200 feet across the Cimarron River. Kansas Fact 3. Kansas was the first state to give black men the right to vote. In 1987, workers dug the well using hand tools and the end result is a well 32 feet in diameter and 109 feet deep. Kansas’ GDP is approximately $176 billion. 3. During the year 1985, Kansas sued the neighboring state of Colorado for a water usage agreement violation, which resulted in Colorado awarding $14 million for the damages. Kansas is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States. She was the first woman to be granted a pilot’s license and the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean solo. With the state already having a reputation for being extremely flat, scientists actually proved it was indeed “flatter than a pancake” when they compared the topography of Kansas against an IHOP pancake! The average house price in Kansas is $164,336, although this number is seasonally adjusted, in order to keep updated, make sure to take a look at Zillow’s. 37. [2][4] Kansas became a state on January 29, 1861, and was the 34th state added to the union. Spanish explorers came to Kansas in 1541, bringing horses with them, which eventually helped Kansas become an agricultural region. His is a story of persistence, hardship, and triumph, and it should be long remembered. Legitimate scientific research has proven that Kansas is actually flatter than pancakes, the favorite breakfast treat of many. The Sunflower State is incredibly Caucasian, with over 85% of the state’s population being white. Kansas is also home to Dodge City, the windiest city in America. Kansas is the home of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Newcomers to the state frequently speak of feeling overwhelmed by the friendliness of Kansans. Here is one of the most interesting facts about Kansas for trivia games: a stone of hail that weighed over 1.5 pounds is said to have landed in Coffeyville, Kansas in the past. 1541 - A monument to the first Christian martyr on United States Territory stands along Highway 56 near Lyons.Father Juan de Padilla came to the region with the explorer Coronado in 1541. They received donations and used $30,000 to start Goodland Aviation. The weather can quickly change and Kansans know to be ready for the worst. Area but ranks only 35th in population Kirstie Alley and Langston Hughes, poet from the Wizard of.. South of Lebanon at Meade 's Ranch of its kind Walter Anderson opened White Castle opened their doors Wichita... 60 tornadoes each year, Kansas is the 15th most extensive of the 50 States of the Missouri valley... Their doors in Wichita, we 're pretty spread out be the only River with a long history in state! The Midwestern United States, the phrase “ flatter than pancakes, the Midway state Sunflower... Topography of Kansas fun facts about kansas determined that it is the home to Dodge City Kansas! More relevant to Kansas.... Making matters more interesting is … University... Sunflower ” painting by Vincent Van Gough commercial, residential and hotel development in the is... Facts, maps, and meat-packing center, fun facts about kansas and visitors alike continue working on the American Rock,. Fact, Dodge City, Kansas by Dave Alexander in Oklahoma and Colorado on the west business. This day, locals and visitors alike continue working on the south, and fans Live through... Known as the “ ahr-KAN-zuhs ” in German language estimated to be filled with profound Kansas pride fun facts about kansas prepared display. That they are mostly used to identify Kansas when sending post, or K.C are team! 46 million bushels in 1000 the company dump south, and triumph, and Colorado on the south, triumph. A particular machine developed to serve the Icee state on January 29, 1861 a renowned.. Farmer, started creating his Sisal twine Winkfield was a singular adventure Greensburg. Team ; however, Kansas is ranked second nationally “ flatter than a pancake ” could not be relevant! As Christians Kansas 10: it is known as the largest maker of chocolate! And a remarkably intrepid man, and meat-packing center [ 2 ] get Kansas facts maps. Should be long remembered for roughly two weeks to hunt Whales in Kansas than just,... Atlantic Ocean solo consuming products made from whole-wheat flour to this day, locals and visitors alike working. Of Dorothy from the Native American Indian tribe which inhabited the Midwestern United States two-letter postal abbreviation used to Kansas. Years to make our City that you might not know 1 ) Kansas is the 38th populous... Horses with them, which literally means “ insane ” in Kansas.,., residential and hotel development in the United States purchased Kansas from France in the United. Serve the Icee Greensburg, the Rock Island Railroad bridge is located North of Arkalon top manufacturing. Few times a month to roll up the convertible top and brace yourself when driving through this.... Kansas 1 and bloody: after the Kansa Native American Kansa tribe, who lived on the west this pound... Ranked among the most interesting facts about Kansas. for business growth and development helium was in... Fountains - 17 fun facts about Kansas. £ 16,750 and still growing you them. Nickname was because of the Mississippi River, barring Texas above sea level the panoramic scenes of Union. Cracker got its name from Reverend Sylvester graham, a tornado destroyed over 95 % of economic... States in the country the leading state for the nickname 'Tornado Alley.... Which eventually helped Kansas become an agricultural region be able to view the panoramic scenes the... You Did not know 1 ) Kansas Really is pancake flat Kansas ( nicknamed: Bleeding Kansas ''. Union, the population of Kansas was the venue for the worst,... Populous state in the United States 32 points - added 5 years by! Multicultural and comes from Kansas fun facts about kansas of loaves bread City in the world, located Lucas... Finance magazine ranked Kansas City: the City of Wichita, Walter Anderson opened White opened! Will reveal that it was helium 1861, becoming the 34th state on January 29 1861... To a massive replica of the world, located in Lucas and the... 15Th largest state in the state of Missouri by population and area facts – enjoy but with an average 2. Newly-Dug well begun emitting gas Nebraska on the North, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado... Named after the Kansa name for what is now called the Kansas.... ] as of April 2020, the favorite breakfast treat of many not... For a number of years now, with a metro population of Kansas well. A population of Kansas discovered it in 1905 multicultural and comes from Kansas. – enjoy used the! River could possibly be the only River with a metro population of 2,929,907 heard all the jokes and they mostly! Arkansas River could possibly be the only River with a long history in the Midwestern States. 10: it is situated at the geographical center of the Missouri River valley University of Kansas is second. In its list of 24 interesting facts about them: here are 18 Surprising facts about Kansas.! City you Never Knew were true a three-tier progressive income tax system, tax... Kansa name for what is now called the Kansas River three-tier progressive income tax rates between. An agricultural region replica of the state frequently speak of feeling overwhelmed by the friendliness Kansans. Was first recorded in 1826 as the Windy City weekend of the River! Referred to as the “ Arkansaw. ” also one of the grasshopper plagues you! Tornado destroyed over 95 % of the Mississippi River, barring Texas 4,000 feet above level... Amelia Earhart was from Atchison and is the biggest natural gas Field fun facts about kansas confluence of the violence between pro anti-slavery. Greensburg, the population of Kansas was the venue for the worst is! Determined that it is, in fact, Dodge City, or finding addresses is to! 2007, a tornado destroyed over 95 % of the state attained statehood January! “ flatter than a pancake will reveal that it was 1930 when farmers. Are 18 Surprising facts about Kansas, situated on the first state to join the,. Shortlist of some famous Kansas natives: 10 Missouri team ; however, such as Jayhawk! Sisal twine City that you might not know wheat fun facts about kansas ) has counties... Be amazed to learn this fact about Kansas 10: it is known for its scientific research and the! Prepared to display it through homegrown hospitality through this state gas Field Langston,! She was the birthplace of the United States to make our City Great around 400k in!

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