Better made than the 2.5+ and the zero g belt takes all the weight off your shoulders. I second the comment that not enough Sun Mountain bags were included. To do that, we employ a rigorous and fully independent testing process that leaves no zipper un-pulled, no pocket un-explored, and no stone unturned. Already have it on the list for this year. Although I agree with the quality of the Ping Hoofer bag you failed to mention that the hoofer design creates a binding problem. Add in the exceptional divider system, and you’re left with one of the best stand bags for 2019. Good luck! Today, different golf bags are available. Die Dri Lite Technologie hält Ihre Tasche länger trocken, als Standard Golf Bag... UVP 109,90 € 92,23 € * Anzeigen . Q: How much does the strap system matter? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. If however, you’re on the course for the full 18 and prefer to carry a selection of snacks with you, an insulated pocket is essential. A: While it’s true that often the top performers in our tests come from names you know, many equipment OEMs source their bags from 3rd parties like Sun Mountain and Vessel. No Guesswork. Well-designed GPS pockets allow for one less thing to be clipped to the bag, while still allowing for easy access. Best Hybrid: Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag at Amazon "Combines the convenience of a cart bag with the stability of a golf stand bag." Hi guys, great work as always. Perfect for golfers who like a full-size lightweight golf bag with the functionality of a stand. The bag is a bit heavy. Golf bags come in various shapes and sizes dependent on their use. Offering a single strap system by default, The Cobra Crown Tour ships with an accessory strap that provides a bit more stability and comfort while walking - though unless you have someone to carry your bag for you, it's better suited for riding and push carts. The bag is comfortable, has great dividers and storage with enough pockets – BUT it gives a creaking sound every step you take. Thee EXO bag looks big. The Ogio is about as stable as a cart bag in that respect. Your bag should never get in the way of walking 18 or even 36. Nothing even close to the 3.5 ZG. It does not matter which type of bag you have, the heads will always bang together in some way. Choosing the best golf stand bag is essential. Made by Vessel, this Cobra bag offers style for days. Sunday bags and stand bags are typically smaller and considerably lighter than cart bags for the simple reason that they are being carried all over the golf course and cart bags are transferred via a mechanical device, whether it is an electronic, gas-powered, push or pull cart. It’s holding up very well, stand is superb, and it’s super comfortable to walk 18+. A must should be waterPROOF not resistant phone/watch pocket. The Zero-G bags are also interesting. It’s compact, and as the name suggests, makes walking 36 a breeze. The Sun Mountains are a big brand on the market and this is their best stand bag. Do you wish it had a bigger insulated pocket or a rangefinder pouch? The Best Lightweight Golf Bags. The straps do not mold to the contour of your body and dig into your side. The top opening is large and the dividers work well. Second thing, and I’ve mentioned this before on other reviews, but it would be great if on top of giving us your top bags based on your metrics, you also provided the features chart and allowed us to tweak the metric weights to our own personal preferences. A: While there’s no definitive answer for everyone, we’ve found that well-designed, fully featured bags for avid golfers generally start at $150, with the majority of our top choices being in the $200 range. I’d also be interested to see how a Sunday golf bag holds up against a Sun Mountain 2.5. Watching this video, with the number of bags and the amount of things you looked at, seems like it would take a boat load of time. Titleist Players 4 Golf Bag; 8. I recently bought new Sun Mountain at my club. So does the Hoofer 5 divider top have maybe 2 or 3 that are full length? I have never had a Ping stand break, a fabric wear out or a zipper become ruined. When it comes to insulated pockets, bigger is usually better, especially if you’re a near constant snacker. I like the new layout. I just like a light bag, don’t need a whole bunch of pockest. 6 balls, 1/2 doze tees, 1 golve – Top design 4 sleeve – 10 inches The top of bag has hand grip to pick up bag. If you’re a devoted walker, forgoing features in favor of weight savings and all-day comfort makes sense. With bag on back, using two straps, it digs into low back very uncomfortably. I will say that Ogio has great customer service. I’m sure your limited in some respects, but I can tell you from what actually sells, and what walkers actually want, these are 6 of the top 10 selling bags at green grass golf shops. As with pockets, more isn’t always better. Bags with 11 to 15-way tops are more prone to snagging and are much better suited to push cart users and riders.

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