[17] Despite this, Pearl planned to take Mrs. or "Batten down the hatches!" In "Bubble Troubles," Pearl helps Sandy by giving her air. At the beginning of the episode, when Pearl's classmates tease her about being SpongeBob's girlfriend, Patrick says "I didn't know you had a girlfriend." Pearl has gray skin and is very tall compared to the other characters. Stephen Hillenburg was strongly against directly revealing the identity and whereabouts of Pearl's mother in an actual episode, so he kept it a secret. In the end, they find out Pearl ruined her own party, but she explains that she still thought of her dad. Eventually, she realizes how much she cares for her dad and compliments him: "Oh, Daddy! "It's SpongeBob NudeyPants!" Mr. Krabs has suspected that SpongeBob wants to date Pearl, but he is not fond of the idea. In the actual production, she was played by Jai'len Josey. Pearl has attended Bikini Bottom High School for a long time. whenever he is startled or shocked, the first instance of this being in "MuscleBob BuffPants." However, she does not share his interest in fast food management and would rather not work at the Krusty Krab while she is young. She does this in "The Chaperone," "The Slumber Party," and "Tunnel of Glove." This saddens Pearl tremendously and she says to him, "You couldn't stop being cheap. She has several friends who change from episode to episode. SpongeBob is shocked but decides that he has to do what is right for Pearl. Willkommen auf pearl.de! She says to Mr. Krabs, "But before I tasted it, I saved the very bestest piece for you, Daddy!" ", Pearl's favorite TV show is Mega Watts Dance, which broadcasts a weekly dancing contest similar to Dancing with the Stars. Pearl and SpongeBob are good friends, but their relationship is more complex than that. Pearl tries to deny it so that her friends will stop mocking her, but it becomes difficult to pretend she does not like SpongeBob when the two get paired up on the Tunnel of Glove ride. At one point, Pearl had braces. Major aspects of Pearl's personality from when SpongeBob was first pitched to Nickelodeon were her large brain, intelligence, and insecurity about liking stereotypically nerdy hobbies. Pearl Krabs | SpongeBob SquarePants[link] Edit. There is a red heart shape on the bottom of her nose that turns into lips when she kisses. Some official artwork shows Pearl with only one set of eyelashes on the top of her eyes, rather than eyelashes both below and above them. SpongeBob and Pearl are good friends. Mr. Doodles In "Barnacle Face," SpongeBob makes it his duty to rid Pearl of barnacles growing on Pearl's face. To his embarrassment, Pearl obviously likes seeing him like this, since her eyes widen, she giggles at him, and she says "it's SpongeBob NudeyPants!". She has different so-called friends in every episode, and these friends are very quick to insult or abandon her. Her favorite things to do at Grandma's Apron include sitting in a rocking chair, dusting tchotchkes, baking cookies, and knitting all kinds of clothes for herself. At the beginning of the episode "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation," Sandy and Pearl sit together while Mr. Krabs gets everyone (except Squidward) excited about the story of the Krabs family's vacation. Being a whale, she shakes the ground whenever she tries to perform a cheerleading act and endangers whoever is in the same building as her. It arrives just in time after Pearl thinks her party has been ruined by her father's cheapness. Connections In the 2016 Chicago previews, she was played by Emmy Raver-Lampman. He tries to win Pearl back by playing music and swinging yo-yos, but Pearl just wants to breach with her new friend Dylan. [6] He was inspired to create Pearl while working at the Ocean Institute in California, where he tended to a whale skeleton exhibit and supervised whale watches.[7]. In the book Just Say Please, SpongeBob goes out of his way to help Pearl and even tries to permanently change Mr. Krabs to make Pearl happy. Pearl is very intelligent and clever, but still immature. He thought to himself. Female [9], Rodger Bumpass, who voices Squidward, has praised Lori Alan's portrayal of Pearl, calling it a "unique and wonderful take on how this teenager should be ... No one else has a teenager that sounds like Pearl. In "Whale of a Birthday," Squidward creates a sculpture of Pearl out of Krabby Patties and loves it, calling it a masterpiece. A recreation of a flashback from the comic shows Betsy holding Pearl when she was just a toddler. Pearl makes a Krabby Patty for him in "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle." Pearl makes a Krabby Patty for him in "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle." It is implied that Mr. Krabs has not told anyone from his side of the Krabs family about Pearl, most notably his grandfather Redbeard. This is first hinted in "The Chaperone" when SpongeBob and Pearl are about to embrace but he startles them and yells, "Stay away from me precious flower!" In "Whale Watching," Pearl and Squidward's relationship is the main focus. SpongeBob starts by trying to scrape them off, then tries to use a jackhammer on them and hide them with concealer. Oct 12, 2017. Usually, only four pleats are visible since she is normally seen from the side. Even for me.". SpongeBob SquarePants is not safe from fan theories, more so as some details about the main characters are a mystery. High school studentAssistant at Grandma's ApronFuture Krusty Krab owner Their performances are a good example of how different the two characters are. In "Mimic Madness," SpongeBob imitates Pearl by morphing into the shape of her head and doing an impression of her voice. Puff are already familiar with each other, as they talk together. She sneaks out, leaving Squidward to chase after her. I've never seen anything like them in Bikini Bottom! SpongeBob, however, feels bad and thinks he ruined Pearl's night so he cries. [22] She is skilled in math, which is why Mr. Krabs would like it if she became a bookkeeper for his restaurant. In "Goons on the Moon," it is revealed that she is part of the “Science Scout” troop. In "Hiccup Plague," Pearl and Mrs. However, they are occasionally not there. [15] Her father desperately wants her to attend college, because if she does not, she will never leave home and he will have to support Pearl for the rest of her life. In "Bossy Boots," after SpongeBob and Pearl come up with a new name for the Krusty Krab, they hug and laugh. Pearl must have ended up not using the ticket. He made Pearl a whale rather than a crab like her father because he wanted each member of the main cast to be a different species, which allowed their character designs to have variety and be more interesting. Puff's Boating School, Mr. Krabs taught Pearl how to drive a boatmobile himself. Krabs, "Tutor Sauce", Mr. Krabs is Pearl's father. Pearl's teeth are usually flat and square-shaped, unlike the teeth of real sperm whales which are pointed. She was the one who introduced the mermaids from the Bikini Bottom Triangle to the mall. In "One Coarse Meal," Karen does not take Plankton's temporary phobia of Pearl seriously and seems to think he is crazy. Throughout her early childhood, Pearl was always babysat by Squidward Tentacles. In "A Cabin in the Kelp," Pearl joins Karen, Mrs. Rather than enrolling Pearl in Mrs. At the end, Pearl sadly reveals to SpongeBob that she does not like working at the Krusty Krab and wants to get fired.