I see ...". While Taiwan and the others point out how Vietnam incapable of smiling and laugh, Vietnam admits the reason why is because the only person who could make her smile is dead. Even as the war escalated and grew increasingly violent by the day, the two found comfort in each other. Same plot as above, except it's Cambodia being smug. (Please read the note in the trivia section! On a more human level, it seemed as though America had puppy crush on South Vietnam, something he didn't really know how to deal with. Disclaimer: Vietnam would show up a whole lot more if I owned Hetalia. That said, Cambodia ended up supporting North's control over South. The other countries try to step in but the sisters tell them to shut up, and continue arguing about several things, with little tidbits such as; 'of course' North Vietnam is going to win the reunification vote because she's bigger and how unfair it is since North definitely won't let her have a say in anything if it goes down that way, North criticizing South Vietnam's economy as 'daddy France's' money, South says that at least she has an economy she can live on etc. Still, no one else would have known the nurturing and care, the time it took for the blossom to gain it's full strength before it fell. However, North Vietnam always sends them flying. America kept insisting that he knew best, and that the best option was for both of them was to stay together. North Vietnam’s power and strength, as well as the desire to be one Vietnam had quickly and inadvertently caused South’s power as a nation to fade. She calls out to whoever's making that noise to stop that. Thanks to that information, Nikoniko found the answer to quit being a nation without risking himself. The next Cambodia heard from South Vietnam was during the Vietnam War, and while there were still some heavy and awkward tensions, Cambodia tried to cater to South Vietnam by showing support to her. He stayed by her side until the Paris Peace Accords forced him to leave. Still, there was a kind of resentment and envy between them for not having what the other did. Being one of the few countries to feel her spirits presence, he wonders if she's still mad at him, or if he's still that someone she could've loved. Aug 27, 2020 - Explore Lea Nguyễn's board "hetalia" on Pinterest. Browse through and read or take hetalia south korea stories, quizzes, and other creations. To ease her worries, USA put it for her simply; he did not want to lose her or any of the Southeast Asia members to China - such was the beginning of their partnership. Vietnam smiles at this sight and begins to cry. I love you all! She was very keen on making friends with other countries, but often times she'd either end up getting taken advantage of, or had her relationships be intervened her older sister, (north) Vietnam. Hetalia Fan Characters Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. It had felt so good to wear it again, if only for one night, after so long in that ugly, dirty military uniform. Nguyen Anh introduces France to her, and she realizes he's a flirty trash man. He continued to act as her mentor and advisor until she finally reunified with her sister. Towards the end of the Vietnam War and despite initial popularity among others, South Vietnam was eventually looked down upon by most countries for continuing to fight for a doomed cause. South Vietnam's birthday corresponds with the founding of the State of Vietnam in, Her ideal japanese voice actress would be. Vietnam (ベトナム Betonamu) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. Australia panics, asking them where the bandages and morphine are - South Vietnam says they run out, but America's superglue idea has worked out just fine; they can remove and replace the superglue when they get back to base. I know Hima confirmed Ulus of Jochi is the same as the Golden Horde, so I made him modern day Mongolia too. Their time wasn't exactly the best, but they were still spoilt; with South Vietnam's weird obsession with keeping things for herself kicking in full force. Australia yells that he knows they're in desperate times but this is too much, South Korea looks on at the scene with wonder, reassuring and shushing the yelling Australia. Taiwan also invites Vietnam to a meeting about anime in Comic Birz episode 17, in which the members talk about "the feeling you have when you have a favorite anime and the voice actors get firmly associated with the characters in your head, and then there is the slightest change and you suddenly get this strange hazy feeling that something isn't right". South Vietnam has a near identical appearance to her sister North Vietnam, with honey gold eyes and black/brown hair. See more ideas about hetalia, vietnam, anime. On a solo scouting mission, South Vietnam is still thinking about how silly the ace of spades deal was when she starts hearing voices and audio noises. And you edited it to make it seem like your own. At the studio, their photographs are retouched to make their eyes bigger, as this was often done. China suddenly bursts through the door saying that he already took control of the Mac situation by ordering the Mac emperors that they'll have North Vietnam, but not South since she has Le. See more ideas about Bad touch trio, Bad touch, Hetalia. Even so, South was much happier spending time in her garden or on the river. South’s former boss forcibly cut her hair into a short bob since she 'looked too much like her sister'. Or, if you were Cambodia (seen kidnapping South Vietnam as North and America fight), you just claim South Vietnam for yourself so she could return to being your life partner, the kingdom of Champa. Vietnam snaps her eyes open fully, noticing a sudden strong smell of perfume; she whispers the name of South Vietnam. Italy(イタリアItaria) is a main character in the seriesHetalia: Axis Powers. kaylabow . Aug 27, 2020 - Explore Lea Nguyễn's board "hetalia" on Pinterest. Hetalia Archives is a FANDOM Anime Community. Lien and Huong, should you swap the first letters turn into the Hien Luong, the name of the bridge that separated North and South Vietnam. He started keeping a special eye on her after that, getting worried about how because of his war with Russia, China and North Vietnam would attack South (and eventually, the rest of Southeast Asia). North Vietnam tells Champa she's proclaiming her own independence, but that she'll come back for her little sister. Vietnam is shipped with either America, Thailand, or China. They had fun for a time, and according to the rest of the Southeast Asian countries watching them, had fallen very much in love with each other (whether this was romantic or platonic, who was to say). In the volume four strip Ilha Formosa ~Beautiful Island~, Vietnam claims that she is not photogenic. While deceased in canon, she has made several appearances. According to France, it was almost terrifying how capable and brutal South Vietnam could be in combat, and how skillful she was in diplomacy — though these traits were something she never fully realized herself. America, trained South Vietnam intensely so she could defend herself, as he made plans to gradually stop supporting her. Both North and South ignore him, and agree to just put Le on the throne. She wears a bright green áo dài, which is the Vietnamese traditional women's clothing, and wears a flat, conical hat (called a nón lá) tied to her back by a string. South Vietnam felt a tear finally spill over and run down her cheek, leaving a damp spot on the brightly coloured fabric of her Ao Dai. The tragedy of it all was acknowledged, and mourned. He gets red, flustering and quickly making an excuse before running off. She scolds him like a stern older sister which shuts him up pretty quickly, and he apologizes. 7 / 6 / 18 ; 53; Like Previous Post Next Post. South Vietnam asks Nguyen Anh if there was really no one else, to which he asks if she wants them gone. 'NOTE:This is the previous writer. Vietnam, afraid, wonders if her sister is cursing her in the afterlife, and says that she knows she's been an awful older sister. In a full page, Vietnam is on the ground, having dropped South Vietnam's diary. While originally showing resistance towards him, she dejectedly submitted to him after a crushed uprising in 1916. Recent Top. South Vietnam sees North Vietnam bloodied, and asks her what happened. Prior to 1471, she was referred to as the Kingdom of Champa. For how she carries herself, she tends to be seen as older, which North Vietnam complains about. Other nations began to see the situation as hopeless; to America, this was only a long term fight he had with Russia, where he was fighting for a moral cause, whereas South Vietnam was fighting to stay alive. Jan 15, 2015 - North and South Vietnam, North being communist, South being Capitalist. A story about Vietnam's life. She reads the escalating sadness, isolation and bitterness nearing the final entry. It's implied that Vietnam can also see and feel the presence of her sister, but they've yet to properly interact. They start arguing, with USA saying that North Vietnam is making him feel like he's in the wrong, and continue fighting. In an omake, South Vietnam cries and North realizes this, quickly comforting her and saying that of course they'll share the power. Improbable Weapon User: In this sketch on Himaruya's blog, Vietnam is shown with her rice paddle in a military uniform. As Vietnam asks Thailand how to smile, she notices that he wore a funny shirt, which then caused her to smile as she asked where he got it. They demanded that the countries stationed there should just leave due to the lack of progress and damage they were causing to themselves and the Vietnam sisters. South Vietnam rushes over, and South Korea reassures Australia that their medic is here so it'll be fine. She looked down at it, running her fingers over the silk skirt. It's implied that seeing South Vietnam for the first time made him feel things, so he left the battle immediately to think - despite France asking him for help in suppressing the sister's revolution. She spoke her mind and scolded those around her for doing wrong, having a kind of maternal sternness to her. 4.4K likes. View the profiles of people named Hetal Viet. In a blog post, Himaruya mentioned that Vietnam has a natural skillfulness and uses it to create a variety of different objects, and Austriamentions in on… Usually, she appears in strips set before the 1970's; most of which have an amusing focus and take on historical wars and battles in Asia. He was present during the Fall of Saigon, aiding in USA's evacuation process, and met with South Vietnam briefly. I'm glad I met Hetalia, it made me know other countries history and read history book diligently TwT I am just your normal Flemish Giant Rabbit Anima. She continued to fight two years after everyone had left, out of desperation, and survival instinct kicking in. Okay, I know that this character can be sort of controversial. Still, both sisters equally resented him for controlling them, albeit they conveyed it very differently. South Vietnam gets upset at him, and angrily rants to him; forcing him to sit down and listen to her about how she didn't fight for nearly 300 years with her sister, constantly reunifying and unreunifying, get taken over by other countries and kick all them out just on their strength alone, just for an outsider to take credit for all the blood, sweat, and tears it took for her just to get here. The final shot is of the final diary entry itself, the only thing written inside is in vietnamese; "Big sister, I will always love you.". She then hears some fumbling, and goes to investigate. America has trouble getting into contact with Korea's team with the radio, South Vietnam puts a slinky on it, and Korea's voice is heard. He laughs, but South Vietnam gives him a scary look - she approaches him, and he starts quickly trying to quell her rage before screaming. Without the South sister, North Vietnam eventually came to embody a unified Vietnam. Despite her closeness to the two however, South Vietnam often stayed out of the arguments and fights her sister and China had with each other, and whenever he asked for her assistance. The other countries present in the conference shrink away, fearful of the sisters and how personal their insults are getting. Thailand asks her what she's planning to do now. Initially keen on supporting her like the other countries, Australia eventually became increasingly uncomfortable towards the conflicts. Hetalia Axis Powers Rubber Strap Charm France Francis Bonnefoy Beautiful World. China and Cambodia make multiple attempts to rescue South Vietnam from North Vietnam. America is pleasantly surprised as South Vietnam gives him a pleased thumbs up, and America calls up his boss to order more slinkies. Axis Powers Hetalia England Halloween Cosplay Costume Halloween . I shivered whenever I hear that term, in Vietnamese or English. An elegant and ladylike woman for most of her life, around the early 20th century she more or less embodied a fashionable and trendy idol. Vietnam looks behind her, and South Vietnam is gone. He had met with North Vietnam during WW2, but did not actually get to see South Vietnam until the first Indochina War. Read hot and popular stories about countryhumans on Wattpad. 'NOTE:This is the previous writer. North Vietnam reassures South Vietnam that it's normal and that the blood isn't hers. He still seems to regard her dearly, as he keeps a picture of her on his dog tag, and some of her things that he saved in his attic. In the middle of a fight, America shouts that as long as he's there, North Vietnam and China won't have South Vietnam or any other country as their pawn. That only seems to annoy her more, though in a more 'irritated but still affectionately patient older figure' sort of way. Tragically, Cambodia had fought with the intention to tear South Vietnam apart to the point she'd remember being the Champa they were in love with. For a time, he was also the messenger between the sisters private correspondence. On the day North Vietnam stormed Saigon, South Vietnam had Thailand give USA a letter expressing her feelings. Australia is heavily injured during the fight, and does a whole dramatic goodbye with South Korea, asking him to say that he was sorry to New Zealand. North Vietnam sees this as South Vietnam implying she's weak, and the two begin to throw hands, arguing with each other as every noble in the court watches; a shady trio of brothers sneak by to take control of power. Written inside was how she never wanted an untouchable hero, but someone who could be by her side and support her- with whom she could offer a love that only a non-immortal being had the right to possess. South is horrified and panics, but he laughs and says North Vietnam was just mad at him. Hetalia Axis Powers Rubber Strap Charm Mascot France … After noticing the effort her older sister is putting it, She then realizes that despite North's stoicism and strong attitude, she's actually quite excited and enthusiastic about South being with her. It was described that the two sisters were a mess when he saw them, and that Britain tried to ease things off of them. Her former mentor and closest friend, America and South Vietnam had a powerful, tragic, and bittersweet relationship which resonated with the rest of the world, even after her death. England says it's just impressive that someone like South Vietnam is able to strike at America's heart and psyche so quickly and efficiently. She runs off with China chasing her, with Champa calling out to her desperately. England was North and South Vietnam's caretaker shortly after WW2; France being too weakened to take care of the two Indochinas. IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING the comic strips mentioned here are fake? My name is Claudia Marie Weber. 2P!Vietnam is a fandom interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of ”Another Color”. North also enjoyed getting showered with affection by South immensely (though she would often hide it), and would be vehemently against South offering the same treatment to other countries. With the conclusions of the Trinh-Nguyen war, South Vietnam arranged for Cambodia to live with her. Strangely enough, Romano and Prussia have consistently seen and are able to interact with her normally. Despite this, she often fretted about North's struggle to make proper friends. Add to library 40 Discussion 26 As a result, he spoiled her — almost condescendingly so; dressing her up and taking her to fancy parties to show off. Still, they tried to keep in contact with her, but to no avail due to North Vietnam's influence slowly forcing South Vietnam to forget her existence as Champa. She was given International Diplomatic Recognition in 1950. Size A4 9 x 12 inch. Prussia and Romano are confirmed to be one of the few countries who can actually see and interact with the ghost of South Vietnam. Headcanons of a Hetalia variety — Male!Vietnam is actually a skilled military... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. North Vietnam suggests that since her boss ended the main problem, so naturally she should be the most influential. Hetalia - Vietnam. After 1800, South Vietnam thanked him, but had no more use for him; expecting him to leave. The USA did not want this and help South Vietnam while Russia did not fight directly but still supplied North Vietnam with gun, tank and etc. Eventually, the sisters got sick of him, and North and South chased him out of their home, as well as Cambodia's. All of this was a byproduct of losing her status and power as a result of North Vietnam’s actions. It ended in treaty, which allowed the two to continue to coexist. Throughout their lives, even in times of conflict and civil war, the two sisters had both loved and admired each other. where North expresses some concern over how South tended to be favored. He also took the role of being her mentor, training alongside together. As Champ began positive relationships with the world around her, North Vietnam intended to take Champa back to her house so they could be together again. The list of countries which supported Vietnam out of the main 6 (Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and the United States), were Afghanistan, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Laos, Liberia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela and West Germany. Follow. While he pitied South Vietnam incredibly, but didn't see the point in fighting for her sake; a point which he often argued with America over. I found it on Google. lixuanlaurant. ask-comrade-braginsky. In recent times, it seems the only countries who can see her are the ones who were affected by the Vietnam diaspora post-war, and even then it's only occasionally. An authors note is written below this omake, saying that despite agreeing to share power, both sides hoped to gain more influence than the other. As a result, South and North eventually began to get embroiled in civil wars with their bosses, and eachother-- underneath the influence of Nguyen (of the South), and the Le-Trinh (of the North), and eventually the Tay Son. Hanoi, the main setting of this story, was the capital of North Vietnam. By the time USA left with a measly treaty, South Vietnam was emotionally broken; she knew that North Vietnam would not respect the peace negotiations, but now had no one to help her. mysticalmusicwhispers asked: If you’re still taking requests may I ask for Thailand and Vietnam? The mini comic arc titled 'Perfume River; Side North' is set post Vietnam Conflict, where North Vietnam accidentally finds South Vietnam's diary while tidying up. All in all, she's quite pleased with how quickly Vietnam has matured since her death. The next panel goes to a shot of the moon above the jungle, and a scream. A sketch of North and South Vietnam around the 19th century. Tears begin to fall, and he sobs, crumpling up and crying. He was vehemently against the withdrawal, and abandonment of South Vietnam; a topic that negatively impacted his relationship with America, and an indicator of how deeply he cared for South Vietnam. 7 notes. America presses his forehead against hers, and wishes her the same. She goes about her day and we see China being extremely kind and generous with her, both a young Cambodia and Thailand attempting to court her, and Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, India and Baghdad visiting for trade. Watching them, Thailand and Laos say that South Vietnam hasn't really changed in the last thousand years or so. Despite this, the backlash was so intense, and privately, America began to make plans to withdraw from her completely - albeit slowly, and to ensure her survival. She was also more scarred and bruised, despite being a country capable of healing in a day, and had lost weight. In the end, China ceded Champa, and she was renamed South Vietnam. However, South Vietnam disagrees, saying that without her boss and her support, North wouldn't have been able to do much. Follow. She's noted to be a little bit more romantic than her sister and had a flowery way of talking, perhaps an effect of staying in France's house for so long. He held onto her during North’s uprising, but she ditched him, and together they humiliated him. She often dressed them in her clothes, had them sing and dance for her, and had them accompany her everywhere - effectively, Cambodia was treated like a child despite roughly being the same age as South Vietnam. Himaruya Hidekaz, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Russia, Seychelles, China, Turkey, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan. Feb 19, 2020 - Explore Rin Kagamine's board "Việt Nam" on Pinterest. Join Facebook to connect with Hetal Viet and others you may know. While she's older than most countries, the memory of being Champa feels more like a dream to her. In a strip in Volume 4 of the manga, Taiwan takes Vietnam to a photo studio to take pictures of themselves, Taiwan calling Vietnam "cute". In return, it was said that the other only person who could properly 'deal' with North Vietnam was South. Her original design was a young woman wearing an orange ao dai with long front bangs and a short back. He was unable to handle the grief and humiliation of failing to save South Vietnam, and questioned whether or not he was actually a hero capable of protecting the people dear to him. SkadiPirate. Bonus- during Operation Frequent Wind, America and Vietnam were helping to evacuate people, and America kept telling her to go but she refused. She appears a bit shy when it comes to her looks, appearing apprehensive when Taiwan wishes to take a picture with her and is uncomfortable wearing a Santa outfit in a 2009 Christmas Request. 2 X HETALIA AXIS POWERS ITALY GERMANY AND JAPAN FILE FOLDER . | Seychelles Aesthetic | Ariana Grande | For @renseesheru, I’m so sorry it took so long! On the other hand, South Vietnam grew worried about how USA seemed to be tuning everything out other than protecting her, and realized that at some point he had stopped using that wide hero smile of reassurance. View the profiles of people named Hetal Viet. She takes his hand, and wishes America a happy new year. And you edited it to make it seem like your own. He regrets that he couldn't help her like he was able to help South Korea, and now she has to deal with a communist government she doesn't want. Anime My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Yukinoshita Yukino PVC Figure Toy Model 6'' £17.75. Vietnam begins to wonder if South Vietnam hated her, and is still hating her beyond her grave. I do not own Hetalia nor the pictures. South Vietnam asks America if he has anything that could act as a mine that won't hurt anyone, and America says that some people back home have been doing some experiments. America comes back home smiling and laughing with blood running down his temple. So, yeah. North Vietnam is very confused, as is Thailand, who saw and wanted to sneak up on her but is now intrigued. She's seen as beautiful even among the human-nations, who are generally considered beautiful/handsome by default. Looking down at the diary and the page it's flipped to, North Vietnam strokes it's edges, apologizing to South Vietnam for forgetting what was important; how as her other half, Vietnam should know that of all people, South Vietnam wouldn't want her twin to be sad. Unlike how he treated Vietnam as a child, he spoiled Champa incredibly, and treated her like a royalty. {Hetalia} Vietnam's Adventure Life! Notice: In this version, we are using Deviantart user "meocherry's" depiction of 2P!Vietnam. The half bun was set with a white ribbon that matched with her older sister’s red ribbon. After beating North, South proceeded to unify both of them into one whole Vietnam; during which she formed her usual identity. Japan fervently writes this down, sweating and panting to himself about how the springtime and romance of youth is both mischievous and fleeting. Headcanons of a Hetalia variety A blog for Hetalia Headcanons. Though, South often found herself needing to rely on others to get by - a trait she despises. America reassures her that as long as he and the others keep going at the pace they're at - despite how hurt she may be - South Vietnam will be protected, and they'll win. A former rival turned good friend, with a possible one-sided crush. South Vietnam was noted to have been frugal with her money, but often sold things at cheap prices. The joint ruling ended when France stepped in. This resulted in South getting bullied multiple times from all angles, impacting her self-esteem and augmenting her doubts in her own strength. She thanked him for being that someone, at least for a little while. However, it slowly became clear to him that this was not the case - a fact the stubborn and prideful country could not wholeheartedly accept. He returned to give her assistance again in defeating the Tay Son-backed North, but he wasn't really impressing her; especially since his presence intensified North Vietnam's harassment of her. Goodbye to White Ribbons and South Vietnam "There is no doubt that the Capitalist class will blast and burn this world before it leaves the stage of history. 5 / 8 / 18 ; 32; Like reblog? She wears long blue trousers but she usually folds it up to the knee. Thankfully, their relationship began to improve tremendously shortly after 1800, with the arrival of the Nguyen dynasty. However, North Vietnam notices that out the window, the orchards have started losing their flowers and is falling downstream; there is the scent of the perfume river. For South Vietnam's sake, USA brought the world together in their fight against North Vietnam; a move which benefited both of them and brought the two into world spotlight - though, South had her apprehensions about the USA doing that. $24.99 + shipping . A hero protects and cares for people equally. Nice to meet you all! South Vietnam /// I'm da South & I know it /// OC Hetalia. She was right, and North Vietnam continued the attack for 2 more years; a fact America knew but was powerless to stop. A pair of complicated, close, tragic siblings. But if Vietnam isn't part of the East Asian Family (Contains: China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand) well, that means China didn't raise her and isn't like his sibling. USA tries to show South Vietnam cool things that Americans do, but South Vietnam is already a fan of the US so she knows what he's talking about (a bit too much). @hetaliaindie I did it! 2P!Hetalia Wiki is a fanmade website where fans create and post fanmade or official 2P characters from Another Color. In an omake, he calls his bosses and gushes over her, they tell him to stop fawning over her and get on with the mission. A narrators note says that the Vietnamese tended to put slinky's on their radio antennae to get better range and signal. NEW !! Like an underdog protagonist however, South Vietnam learned from her old ways and matured, while North Vietnam became an increasing nuisance and bully in the Southeast Asian sphere. South Vietnam introduces herself as 'Nam Ha', the southern area of Vietnam. He says her name, but with a soft voice, she interrupts him with an apology, for making him come all this way. Upon receiving the photographs, Vietnam finds the retouched photos shocking, as Taiwan finds them cute. Vietnam's life is going to be an adventure! During the Trinh-Nguyen war, Cambodia planned to aid South Vietnam in the bid to place her boss on the throne and unify Vietnam after she helped him with Thailand once again. In a prologue, North Vietnam as a chibi wishes chibi Champa goodbye, with China calling out to North Vietnam and saying she's in big trouble. North and South Vietnam are involved in a discussion when France throws shade and salt about America's lack of direct intervention in Asia; more specifically, on the Vietnamese reunification. However, there was a strange period during South Vietnam's life where she was quite aggressive while her sister calmed down; during which she started and won wars with Thailand and Cambodia at the same time.