Each step is a challenge, but if you follow, Lily's instructions you'll be able to make this delicious pizza in no time at all. Well, you can't impress the judges unless you make the crust from scratch, too! ; Barbie is an entrepreneur, which means she's motivated to establish and maintain her own career. So the Frozen sisters are going to do the cooking challenge as they want to find out who ba...; Coffee is a hug in a mug, so help our favorite mermaid prepare the most awesome coffee in the world. ; Papa's opening up a new business! Make your own Southwestern sandwich from scratch and load it full of honey-roasted turkey meat, monterey jack cheese, and vegetable toppings. Make sure each delicious scoop falls in the cone and remember, your ice cream order is only...; Spicy, crunchy, juicy and delicious! Make it bigger than the table with fresh veggie toppings and a crunchy butter bun, or just turn it into a cheesy sloppy joe with condiments...; Create your very own dream wedding cake with all the colors of the rainbow and as much frosting as you can handle! She's a young girl who loves exploring the world a little bit at a time. But she needs to be able to cook and create the scones to pass out to her best friends and sh...; Hurray! ; Make sure you're quick at Papa's latest venture into the the wide world of baseball hot dogs! Food games can be educational and fun at the same time. Any color you want and covered in tons of frosting and candy sprinkle accessories, Barbie birthday cakes are a delicious and fashionable must for a...; Ice treats and fun times await! Enjoy FUN games like Hazel and Mom's Recipes: Candy Cake, Breakfast Time, and Ice-O-Matic. Solve the problem of endless hunger before the customers g...; Use this factory to make the ice cream in a fun, fast way that all of the customers will enjoy. This amazing chef has her own series of games. So you'll ha...; There is nothing sweeter then 2 ice cream cones in love. Have fun in this beautiful cooking challenge! Choose My Plate is built around the food groups. ; Boil, season, dress, and serve delicious instant noodles with all kinds of different toppings like tomato sauce, eggs, and cucumbers. ; Fill up your plate with a heaping helping of all your favorite thanksgiving dishes! Here are the top free Cooking games for PC for 2020, including Rory's Restaurant Origins , Rory's Restaurant: Winter Rush, Rory's Restaurant Deluxe, and more. Nutrition Games for Kids . ; Let's make some delicious potato soup for the whole family! Help her whip up...; Hey, girls! It seems this darling baby is hungry, and she isn't very happy with the clothes she is wearing either. Go step by step to cook it, bake it and serve it. Brownie Ice Cream is an incredibly tasty treat. Get the orders just right and earn cash to c...; This cat wants cheezeburgers, and it's up to you to rearrange reality to make it happen. Open the restaurant and start taking orders from the customers. Spin the mood wheel and motivate her to be crea...; Summer is just around the corner and a smoothie is always a good idea! ESL Food Activities: The Mystery Box Game. Get happy with this full meal of fun and excitement. Party Food Ideas for Adults That’ll Impress Everyone’s Taste Buds. Will you be known for delicious food or for having rodents? You have the opportunity to prepare a great meal in order to feed and impress this world class French chef. Learn how to make delicious and nutritious Vegetable Fritata's step by step by cutting up, preparing and serving them! ; Learn how to prepare, dress and serve a spicy traditional Indian favorite! Since strawberry is the third Neapolitan flavor, there's no reason why you wouldn't giv...; Serve up the ladies and get plenty of tips in this fun and fancy free romance restaurant game. Papas Bakeria for example is a fun restaurant game in which you must fulfil customer orders and create different bakery dishes in a bustling bakery. Restaurant Games Restaurant Games Bring your restaurant management skills to every diner! It's a treat that just can't be beat!