Please see the long term plans on each subject page to see how we intend to deliver each and every subject. This gives students the opportunity to gain at least 9 GSCEs or equivalent. 1016538) and ULT (Registered in England No. Make sure you have systems in place to check how well and to what extent your intended curriculum is delivered. If this is the extent of an organisations curriculum intent activities then it would suggest that curriculum planning hasn’t been addressed as seriously as it should have been. Please click on the year groups below to see our long term curriculum plans for Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6: The following is a curriculum vitae example for an entry-level candidate for a faculty position in the US. Intent At The Compass Primary Academy our vision is to create a primary school that encourages its children to Explore, Discover and Dream. 4. Download the letter of intent template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples. I’m sure there are one or two schools that are panicking, overhauling all of the curriculum maps, schemes of work and lesson plan templates to demonstrate intent, implementation and impact. @HuntingEnglish features heavily ☺️ Bravo @altaberner87, Our T&L team bulletin no., To all our influencers @Meridian_HS Thank you! The aim at North Lancing is to provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society. Intent - What are we trying to achieve here with, and through, the curriculum? In this guide, we'll orient you to what makes a great statement of purpose or letter of intent for graduate school. @chestnutcroydon @Meridian_HS are recruiting now for September 2021., Are you local to the @Meridian_HS community and keen to make a difference to our school? This CV includes employment history, education, competencies, awards, skills, and personal interests. This document explains the principles that inform our curriculum at Sedgehill School. Our aim at Sedgehill School is to provide an excellent education for all our students; an education which brings out the best in all of them and prepar… @Meridian_HS @chestnutcroydon, Are you keen to develop your career in a @GLFSchools Croydon School? Our Curriculum Intent: A curriculum for all students of ambition, integrity and academic rigour that: • Provides inspiration and opportunity • Builds core knowledge and conceptual understanding • Develops skills and personal attributes • Supports all students to succeed and thrive . Our aim is to enable each child to participate fully in current and future society as a responsible, self-confident citizen. Print ; Save for later Share with colleagues; This article is available to members only You can view this article by signing up for a free trial or becoming a member. Curriculum - Intent, Implementation and the Impact | Honiton ... Curriculum: what is Ofsted looking for? All students ACHIEVE the best possible outcomes by studying a carefully considered educational programme, applying themselves in every lesson and by developing a clear understanding of why achievement matters to their future goals and aspirations. In Years 10 and 11, as well as following a core curriculum, students are able to choose from a range of courses to make up their studies. 1.0 Curriculum Intent 1.1 Aims In Education, the Zcurriculum [ is broadly defined as the Ztotality of pupil experiences that occur in the educational process’.