Beschreibung: Dieser Schlüssel öffnet eine Tür, die zum Okular führt. Search Gavros Plinius. Also, Gavros will not be in the entrance to Mzulft to give you the key. However, any ranged fire and frost spells you already use are just as effective. I've googled it and searched on youtube. Updating the game to a newer version will not solve the problem for existing saved games. Dieser Schlüssel kann nicht aus dem Inventar entfernt werden. If you haven’t visited this place yet, it’ll be a long travel. It is found in a chest in the Mzulft Aedrome. He has a Mzulft key and a Research log showing he was there to deliver and focus some crystal in the Oculory. Answer by pgiacomo. Cannot be dropped. Go east up onto another room with cogs and spiders. Answered Make sure to take the Mzulft Key from him and the Research Log. I've heard rumblings that there's a bug/glitch with this. Mzulft is a Dwarven Ruin located in Eastern Skyrim. This key opens a door leading to the Mzulft Oculory. 2. Walk up the ramp and deal with the Falmer and Chaurus. I've gone as far as I can go in Mzulft Aedrome. Here's our strategy to get past this puzzle: Puzzle Solution: You may read all the tomes, but the ones you must memorize (if you haven’t already) are the Flames and Frostbite spells. I'm at a door that requires a key. I'm completely stuck on this puzzle that has the focus crystal with the light beams coming up. Answered: Need help finding key for Mzulft Aedrome door? Go East, then North, then East, into a room with steaming pipes. Answered: Cant find the focusing crystal in Mzulft? Unlock the door to the east using the Mzulft key. Skyrim Get to Mzulft and Through the Monsters in Mzulft In Skyrim, the Mzulft area is really a classic dungeon crawl with lots of monsters as soon as the hero reaches and enters Mzulft. Use the key to … The Mzulft map marker isn't added by the quest as the scripting for it wasn't set up properly. Er kann gefunden werden in einer Truhe im Mzulft: Aedrom. This is the "Revealing the Unseen" quest that is found by following the quest line for the College of Winterhold. In the Mzulft observatory, the hero must solve the Mzulft observatory or oculory focusing lens puzzle to complete the Mzulft quest. Fast travel/wagons to Riften or Windhelm **** and make your way to the Ruins of Mzulft (South of Windhelm or North of Riften). Enter the Mzulft Aedrome. Defeat the dwarven spider workers there. Answered: Besides Mzulft, where else can I find huge amounts of dwarven scrap metal? I have the Mzulft and Mzulft room keys but it's not letting me in. 2 answers to this The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim question. She suggests you head to the ruins of Mzulft, ... take the key to the ruins and his research journal, which talks about focusing some kind ... Continue on through the Boilery and into the Aedrome. Have key to Mzulft door- but can't use it? Answered: How do I solve this investigate? I think what's beyond this door is the room that you need to focus the different mirrors but I'm not sure because I can't get in. Once inside, listen to the dying man and loot him. As you come from the Mzulft Boilery, you will enter the Aedrome. This bug is … You can find it by traveling directly South East from Windhelm . This area will contain a handful of Falmer as well as the Focusing Crystal needed to complete the “Revealing the Unseen” quest.